UFO Hunters vs Speedrunner! (Minecraft) 

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⭐️ UFO Hunters vs Speedrunner!
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16. apr. 2021

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Iqbal Latif
Iqbal Latif Pred dnevom
Jelly will win
Mike Fielding
Mike Fielding Pred 3 dnevi
s s s s s s s space boat
Jake Howler
Jake Howler Pred 4 dnevi
Lol no more friend jelly
spud sweeney
spud sweeney Pred 8 dnevi
Vibes Nation
Vibes Nation Pred 9 dnevi
I like when josh is the hunter every single minecraft speedrunner vs hunter video
Raphael Ianni
Raphael Ianni Pred 11 dnevi
Vika Turaganivalu
Vika Turaganivalu Pred 14 dnevi
Crainer is really kind today
Sharika Chantel Stirling
Hi josh I'm new so how do I join you guys?
Rafferty Eade
Rafferty Eade Pred 15 dnevi
when i saw that jelly was the speedrunner i thought that the hunters would win
Bomengo Bonheur tv
Bomengo Bonheur tv Pred 17 dnevi
Heyheyhey. You. My. Fav. Slogi
Adrianus van Lierop
Adrianus van Lierop Pred 17 dnevi
Slogo go online inside of cow Town.
Sarita Gopaul
Sarita Gopaul Pred 17 dnevi
Hi Josh thanks you for your help 😊😊😊😚😚😊😊
Nicholas Pace
Nicholas Pace Pred 20 dnevi
Damm what’s this seed
Cristy Walworth
Cristy Walworth Pred 21 dnevom
Nathan ebreo
Nathan ebreo Pred 21 dnevom
Abdullah Asad
Abdullah Asad Pred 23 dnevi
At 7:26 there was a brown sheep that josh did not saw
Brady Goodwin
Brady Goodwin Pred 23 dnevi
Hunters because you’re on the team Sluggo
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Pred 24 dnevi
Jelly as a speedrunner has a high chance of getting an anticlimactic ending
مةروان احمد
مةروان احمد Pred 24 dnevi
jelly is pro and slogo is pro
Dragon Freak
Dragon Freak Pred 24 dnevi
Josh had an iron block but he used it to get up while collecting carrot
RekaRay Pred 25 dnevi
Day 15 of asking Josh to continue trail makers
CrySeptus Pred 24 dnevi
DAY 1000000000 trying to remind they only continue if they reach the like goals
Blood Shark
Blood Shark Pred 25 dnevi
Suffocate jelly with the UFOs
Jackhugojj Pred 25 dnevi
Nathalie Cole Babiera
Nathalie Cole Babiera Pred 25 dnevi
🥴🤪 i love it
Marjan Salimi
Marjan Salimi Pred 25 dnevi
Sligo an crani
Evan K
Evan K Pred 26 dnevi
Default you
Annemarie Elshout
Annemarie Elshout Pred 26 dnevi
Slogo best
رامز Pred 26 dnevi
Arshita Mahajan
Arshita Mahajan Pred 26 dnevi
Hahaha the intro
SeaMonsterGaming Pred 26 dnevi
I think your growing a beard josh
MG Pred 26 dnevi
Mesa? It's bad lands
Colton Daniel
Colton Daniel Pred 26 dnevi
Bro they found Mesa biome
XdragonXMasterX Pred 26 dnevi
SLOGO slogo slogo slogo slogo
Colton Daniel
Colton Daniel Pred 26 dnevi
Interior, crocodile, alligator I drive a Chevrolet movie Theater
Colton Daniel
Colton Daniel Pred 26 dnevi
Snipers vs speedrunners
Colton Daniel
Colton Daniel Pred 26 dnevi
And another cringy intro skip 30 secs
Mac and cheese expert
Mac and cheese expert Pred 26 dnevi
It’s pronounced may-sa
KimLan Nguyen
KimLan Nguyen Pred 26 dnevi
You can just mine the diamond that jelly didn’t notice but anyways
Maze's ANYmations
Maze's ANYmations Pred 26 dnevi
Pls do a speedrun but u can see the speedrunner's inventory
Solo player 444
Solo player 444 Pred 27 dnevi
You guys come up the weirdest ideas I love it 😀
Rebecca Roso
Rebecca Roso Pred 27 dnevi
Hi slogan
David George
David George Pred 27 dnevi
At least Im not the only one who uses CTRL as Crouch
cortney fox
cortney fox Pred 27 dnevi
cortney fox
cortney fox Pred 27 dnevi
Wewfe. Bbsrtitst. Dreaded. Eerrr rretr frrr
Brendon everett
Brendon everett Pred 27 dnevi
Josh your the best
Aaliyah Thomason
Aaliyah Thomason Pred 27 dnevi
its spspspspsps SPOAT TIME!!!!!
Rory King
Rory King Pred 27 dnevi
slogo wins
Thelma Pablico
Thelma Pablico Pred 27 dnevi
Kody LoveTV
Kody LoveTV Pred 27 dnevi
Slogo and crane win
Kody LoveTV
Kody LoveTV Pred 27 dnevi
I want slogo and claimer to win
Jaquez Watson
Jaquez Watson Pred 27 dnevi
josh is the best youtber in the wrold
Collette Burke
Collette Burke Pred 28 dnevi
If you find this comment you will get a ps5
Milana Gannotskiy
Milana Gannotskiy Pred 28 dnevi
you dont suffocate iron golams
Erin Haskell
Erin Haskell Pred 28 dnevi
this my sistrs brothr im a big fan
Helvi Naanda
Helvi Naanda Pred 28 dnevi
This video is nice
Joe Holton
Joe Holton Pred 28 dnevi
Helvi Naanda
Helvi Naanda Pred 28 dnevi
Slogo I have a present for you LoL
Helvi Naanda
Helvi Naanda Pred 28 dnevi
Helvi Naanda
Helvi Naanda Pred 28 dnevi
Sligo win
Helvi Naanda
Helvi Naanda Pred 28 dnevi
Sligo more like slow
Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson Pred 28 dnevi
i bet you will win under ground
harrison morris
harrison morris Pred 28 dnevi
me haha
Isaiah Diaz
Isaiah Diaz Pred 28 dnevi
I think the trophy is gonna be in the sky
yiling lee
yiling lee Pred 28 dnevi
l choked on my grape because of Jelly's stupidity!!😂🤣
Roblox pink Review
Roblox pink Review Pred 28 dnevi
Lara Pratt
Lara Pratt Pred 28 dnevi
the UFO have pee dude
Lara Pratt
Lara Pratt Pred 28 dnevi
Crainer is awesome he gave wat we need good job Crainer👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mika Yadao
Mika Yadao Pred 28 dnevi
3:11-3:30 kinda shows that Josh is still the youngest of the trio 9:00-9:21 they get distracted with pronunciation
Manuel Nhinda
Manuel Nhinda Pred 28 dnevi
Hunters Vs speed runners in space 😁
AMY NG Pred 28 dnevi
Seriosly Jelly sucks agree there?
MOUNTHALA soulin Pred 28 dnevi
hunters win
Beatriz Cudal
Beatriz Cudal Pred 28 dnevi
The scary Man123
The scary Man123 Pred 28 dnevi
Keep ma,ing speed runners vs hunters maybe next time make it the hunter is jeff the killer and the speed runners are slogo and jelly and crainer is the speedruner
kamran baig
kamran baig Pred 28 dnevi
Jelly looks like a Alien
Leny Adion
Leny Adion Pred 28 dnevi
You bollyheng jelly
Anamarie Emano
Anamarie Emano Pred 28 dnevi
How to download minecraft?
jakapoom pungvirawat
jakapoom pungvirawat Pred 28 dnevi
jakapoom pungvirawat
jakapoom pungvirawat Pred 28 dnevi
jakapoom pungvirawat
jakapoom pungvirawat Pred 28 dnevi
jakapoom pungvirawat
jakapoom pungvirawat Pred 28 dnevi
At 0:01 he said hunter vs speedrwer
Magdalena Wiechowska
Magdalena Wiechowska Pred 28 dnevi
liam dacanay
liam dacanay Pred 28 dnevi
Hey josh your UFO sucks just like you face Got him
Keegan Mccabe
Keegan Mccabe Pred 28 dnevi
Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins Pred 28 dnevi
Me: hahaha
Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins Pred 28 dnevi
Crainer: is sssssssss SPACE BOAT TIME
Ferdinand Kurniawan
Ferdinand Kurniawan Pred 28 dnevi
Jelly just gave up too easily. He could've pulled a Dream and used firework arrows, but he just gives up and blames Josh and Crainer
Cristina Velasquez
Cristina Velasquez Pred 28 dnevi
Everybody hates Kraner and jelly
Gabriel Pierre
Gabriel Pierre Pred 28 dnevi
Jelly has been quiting a lot lately
subtotiko ok
subtotiko ok Pred 28 dnevi
"I just flew into your but". kinda jus
Ian Wheeler
Ian Wheeler Pred 28 dnevi
why don't you just break the block...
santino clemente 2.0
santino clemente 2.0 Pred 28 dnevi
make it harder the trophy can be mind with netherite pickaxe
Soo Park
Soo Park Pred 28 dnevi
Please do bed war
MechaGodzilla 273
MechaGodzilla 273 Pred 28 dnevi
DerpyDemon123 Pred 28 dnevi
It’s maysa
Binita Dahal
Binita Dahal Pred 28 dnevi
Joey Foad
Joey Foad Pred 28 dnevi
Haxoras Gamer
Haxoras Gamer Pred 28 dnevi
DAY 1 or asking josh to put the trophy in the nether
ParadoxTh9ory Pred 28 dnevi
6:30 Slogo: It looks like a really pointy thing Me: Definitely is probably a men only thing
Carl Ben
Carl Ben Pred 28 dnevi
I wach jelly ufo I see dath ting
Luke F
Luke F Pred 28 dnevi
I love your beard josh
Brendan DeNike
Brendan DeNike Pred 28 dnevi
I hit like
Ogledi 1,2 mio.
I Spent $8,000 Beating GTA