We Hunted A MEGALODON SHARK in Minecraft! 

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⭐️ We Hunted A MEGALODON SHARK in Minecraft!
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29. mar. 2021

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xx Ocean Wolf
xx Ocean Wolf Pred 3 dnevi
Omg I love your videos so does my friend. You are amazing slogo
Jonathan Wycoco
Jonathan Wycoco Pred 6 dnevi
I want pet a megladon
hi_Xander 76
hi_Xander 76 Pred 7 dnevi
Esther Farrell
Esther Farrell Pred 7 dnevi
Nola Hayes
Nola Hayes Pred 7 dnevi
Hi 👋
Nola Hayes
Nola Hayes Pred 7 dnevi
Turn it off
Slogo 2021 were getting eaten from behind
Emerson Orr
Emerson Orr Pred 7 dnevi
The megaladon I know I spelt it wrong but the big shark didn't mean any harm because the big shark didn't really move or damage them at all
Ray Chappelle
Ray Chappelle Pred 8 dnevi
you should download brawl stars
Ray Chappelle
Ray Chappelle Pred 8 dnevi
make the join free pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
anime boy
anime boy Pred 8 dnevi
The oxygen meter seaglide and fishes are from subnautica
Royette Tabinas
Royette Tabinas Pred 8 dnevi
Royette Tabinas
Royette Tabinas Pred 8 dnevi
i'm a big fan of you but i can't meat you becouse i live at diferent conchea i live at pangpanga slogoman you tel i'm ground man but that is not me my kuya did that acaunt and i'm six years old slogoman and i am a kid
Royette Tabinas
Royette Tabinas Pred 8 dnevi
i'm at home slogoman megdolon can't kill me slogoman if i'm at home do megdolon can't breaht on land megdolons breaht in water
Jask Pred 8 dnevi
dont kill the garry fish
Jask Pred 8 dnevi
that mod is made by me
Jask Pred 8 dnevi
thats the subnautica mod
Jask Pred 8 dnevi
im used to death bc i live in Australia i died 555,555,555,555
Riley Gant
Riley Gant Pred 8 dnevi
Riley Gant
Riley Gant Pred 8 dnevi
Cool Slug
Cool Slug Pred 8 dnevi
Why can you ad a hammerhead shark
Ethan A. Rosenfeld
Ethan A. Rosenfeld Pred 8 dnevi
keep up the good work slogo I hope you have a good day
Erwin Herrera
Erwin Herrera Pred 9 dnevi
Josh is smart
Tan Peng Yee (Student)
if all ur subscribers watched this video you will have a crap ton of viewers
NickMortuus Pred 9 dnevi
I need more of these videos
Priyanka Prasad
Priyanka Prasad Pred 9 dnevi
Play subnautica
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Pred 9 dnevi
I loved this video plz make more ocean videos
hasan king Khan
hasan king Khan Pred 9 dnevi
I SUBSCRIBE to you slogo man
Parke Kp
Parke Kp Pred 10 dnevi
its a subnuatica mod
VIZEVOR_ B Pred 10 dnevi
name of mod
Lee Anne Connell
Lee Anne Connell Pred 10 dnevi
i wish i code cep up with all this easement
Lee Anne Connell
Lee Anne Connell Pred 10 dnevi
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOWS! SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aesthetic_ Zoe ꨄ
Aesthetic_ Zoe ꨄ Pred 11 dnevi
This reminds me of Subnautica
Robbie Torpy
Robbie Torpy Pred 11 dnevi
Your like in subnautica
Savannah Graham
Savannah Graham Pred 11 dnevi
Megalodon is pronounced like megalodian
jack skingle
jack skingle Pred 12 dnevi
0:18 Im now scared
CykeGames Pred 12 dnevi
Who else noticed they were using the subnautica mod?
raul elbre
raul elbre Pred 12 dnevi
The seaglide is from subnaut7ca
raul elbre
raul elbre Pred 12 dnevi
sweety mungul
sweety mungul Pred 12 dnevi
I like all three of you guys
Muhamad Faiz. A
Muhamad Faiz. A Pred 12 dnevi
Is this subnautica mod?
szabolcs szalai
szabolcs szalai Pred 12 dnevi
B-tec subnatica
MonaMalae Pred 12 dnevi
Melissa Hilsgen
Melissa Hilsgen Pred 12 dnevi
Day 1of asking for more ultimate chicken horse
Noah Corker
Noah Corker Pred 12 dnevi
It is subnartica
George Antonio Hasna
George Antonio Hasna Pred 12 dnevi
I saw subnautica fishes
Enoch Rubio
Enoch Rubio Pred 13 dnevi
their in Subnatica
Gery Boda
Gery Boda Pred 13 dnevi
This is basically subnautica but in minecraft
fetus deletus
fetus deletus Pred 13 dnevi
Subnautica mod. Awesome
Gemma Smith
Gemma Smith Pred 13 dnevi
Slogoman can you do a speed when one of you is Thanos and the others of Speed runners
Emmanuel Viray
Emmanuel Viray Pred 13 dnevi
The megolodon is a big shark it is found in. The ocean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P Winter
P Winter Pred 13 dnevi
P Winter
P Winter Pred 13 dnevi
Which world do you go in
Victoria Stead
Victoria Stead Pred 13 dnevi
Rudy Lehman
Rudy Lehman Pred 13 dnevi
Did anyone notice that this is literally subnautica
Lori Rubin
Lori Rubin Pred 13 dnevi
I use code Slogo, more fortnite video’s
Robert Marsh
Robert Marsh Pred 13 dnevi
Anyone else realise this was a subnautica
Regina Halpenny
Regina Halpenny Pred 13 dnevi
I am subed
iStella Pred 14 dnevi
Day 84 of asking for Ultimate chicken horse
Luo Yi
Luo Yi Pred 14 dnevi
Who else want s s s s s s s smart time! merch
The Merk
The Merk Pred 14 dnevi
I'm sure it's called a anomyney
TheBoyAngel Pred 14 dnevi
Your merch are awesome slogo
Janet Torio
Janet Torio Pred 14 dnevi
But how i am in my house
Shawn Cavender
Shawn Cavender Pred 14 dnevi
I died
Dominik Bullseye
Dominik Bullseye Pred 15 dnevi
There basically playing subnotica
AH - 04SN 829623 Britannia PS
Just so you guys know Josh did another video of him getting 10 million and Jelly and Crainer roast slogo
baby yoda is life
baby yoda is life Pred 15 dnevi
What a RIPOFF of subnautica
George Iordache
George Iordache Pred 15 dnevi
why that oxegen meater looks like subnatica and the see glide
Rdaug31 Pred 15 dnevi
And this was the story of the last megaladon... or was it
Mharc Aaron Alay
Mharc Aaron Alay Pred 15 dnevi
Just do 100 days in them megalodon it and it would drop an item the diamond armor and the megalodon
Mharc Aaron Alay
Mharc Aaron Alay Pred 15 dnevi
There are megalodon armor
Mharc Aaron Alay
Mharc Aaron Alay Pred 15 dnevi
Jayden Witts
Jayden Witts Pred 15 dnevi
Josie Delos Santos
Josie Delos Santos Pred 15 dnevi
Slogo I 👕👕👕👕 me
Epics Ails
Epics Ails Pred 15 dnevi
Slogo thinks the fastest. Cranier is the funniest. Jelly is the best to watch
Lorenz Padua
Lorenz Padua Pred 15 dnevi
When you realize they also added the subnautica mod
Oseas Sique Maldonado
Oseas Sique Maldonado Pred 15 dnevi
I subscribe to your channel🙃
Oseas Sique Maldonado
Oseas Sique Maldonado Pred 15 dnevi
WhiteWolf Pred 15 dnevi
Anyone remember when he made good videos
Christopher Bond
Christopher Bond Pred 15 dnevi
Some things in this video looks like subnatica
Marius B
Marius B Pred 15 dnevi
This is literally subnatica mods and theres a game called subnatica
Renee McCleish
Renee McCleish Pred 16 dnevi
Good job on 10mill
potato Pred 16 dnevi
The megoladon was about 50 feet average (16.6 meteres) each minecraft block is about a meter meaning the megoladon has actually been made close to the right size in this mod well done mod maker
brandon boyd
brandon boyd Pred 16 dnevi
this is literally subnatica
Yavi Kaplan
Yavi Kaplan Pred 16 dnevi
concrats on 10 mill subs!
Blake Ackhurst
Blake Ackhurst Pred 16 dnevi
Yesssssssss 10 MILLION well done josh
Isuru dushmantha Warnakulasuriya
Gametalks Pred 16 dnevi
Have fun getting back to the boat
SkellyCadvra Pred 16 dnevi
Who saw the garryfish from subnautica in Xalgons house?
Cat plays Roblox
Cat plays Roblox Pred 16 dnevi
That’s subnautica
Anael Ali
Anael Ali Pred 16 dnevi
What happened to Minecraft raft I just realised I havent seen one of those in ages
Hunter Quackenboss
Hunter Quackenboss Pred 16 dnevi
sogo hit 10 mil
tnt bearface
tnt bearface Pred 16 dnevi
Yay 10 mil congrats
Daniel Zanchi
Daniel Zanchi Pred 16 dnevi
Did you know that this is subnotica
Abi Milburn
Abi Milburn Pred 16 dnevi
Rosemargaret Ward
Rosemargaret Ward Pred 16 dnevi
Play a zombie apocalypse in minecraft
Ella Minna
Ella Minna Pred 16 dnevi
Latha Ramu
Latha Ramu Pred 16 dnevi
Adventurous Pred 16 dnevi
seaglide subnautica
Kyloson 3
Kyloson 3 Pred 16 dnevi
All the fish in the sea were from subnautica
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