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6. apr. 2021

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Lainga Siu
Lainga Siu Pred 13 urami
The task that you said is confusing, it’s actually not! You just have to remember the pattern, then go somewhere else and make it the exact pattern. It’s simple.
Jesmia John
Jesmia John Pred 19 urami
I really like the ejection animation on Airship
Simon Biddulph
Simon Biddulph Pred dnevom
I love ur among us vid's
Giel Beloso
Giel Beloso Pred dnevom
There is a meme in among us with you and jelly and koolkats and trainer dead
Grace Ocaya
Grace Ocaya Pred dnevom
Malek Mohamed
Malek Mohamed Pred dnevom
How are you talking normal so weird
Laser Combat Auckland
my nam is finiay im a fad
Scott Riley Uy
Scott Riley Uy Pred dnevom
dum crainer
Julian Bernal
Julian Bernal Pred 2 dnevi
To do the dimond and gems you got memorize the gems and put in the other things read this comment
OoFy Playz
OoFy Playz Pred 2 dnevi
Why do they start in the wrong place :/
Kristen Daniel
Kristen Daniel Pred 2 dnevi
0:13 I like the like button!
Maira Palmerin
Maira Palmerin Pred 2 dnevi
Lorna Paul
Lorna Paul Pred 3 dnevi
slogoman l am a big fan
Zaruko Zain
Zaruko Zain Pred 3 dnevi
nagito komeada
nagito komeada Pred 4 dnevi
Oh the reval code task is easy so when it' saids reval code than a different task will open up go to that task and enter the code you saw
Udhayvir Sandhu
Udhayvir Sandhu Pred 4 dnevi
Nice Slogo gang!
Tiny Toazt
Tiny Toazt Pred 4 dnevi
Can you do more new version of among us please
Aleeya Hightree
Aleeya Hightree Pred 4 dnevi
I am subscribed and have been watching since I was five
Jeb Ivey
Jeb Ivey Pred 4 dnevi
Is it just me or Josh not vent that much
Secretive Epic
Secretive Epic Pred 4 dnevi
josh will win
Taleah Ledner
Taleah Ledner Pred 4 dnevi
April Allison
April Allison Pred 4 dnevi
Slogoman is the best
Mason Teixeira
Mason Teixeira Pred 4 dnevi
Slogo when you play among us just kill jelly 😂😂 so he will quit😂😂😂🤣🤣
Dominic Burney
Dominic Burney Pred 5 dnevi
We are playing among us hide and seek
Help me reach 10k With 0 videos
I wish all who sees this best of luck
Jehdiah Serain
Jehdiah Serain Pred 5 dnevi
Hi Josh your the amazing imposter for me and i your fan i love u Josh and also Crainer why it's all day imposter and the THE END it's a losser how Crainer it's a losser.
saruul jargalsaikhan
AJ speight
AJ speight Pred 5 dnevi
Cwn i ua Udg
Jaguar trinidad
Jaguar trinidad Pred 5 dnevi
Slogo you find a hat one of the hat Is freedy s hat
Daryl Sambells
Daryl Sambells Pred 5 dnevi
I love you
Sharky_Larky999 Pred 5 dnevi
So basically you go to bottom to reveal the code and try to go to the top and type the code
A fiddle in the Forest
Is it me or is rishy in like in every video and norgeplaze
Mandy Kennedy
Mandy Kennedy Pred 6 dnevi
i love you $¢$$$$$¢¢$$$$$ //
Bryan Compton
Bryan Compton Pred 6 dnevi
If I can get my among us working then add me Make another Minecraft video where you can turn in to King Kong And tell jelly he sucks at Minecraft tell jelly I’m sorry but he is bad at Minecraft love Josh I liv in Marion
Bryan Compton
Bryan Compton Pred 6 dnevi
Hey this Bryan Compton I wood love your own toy uv you I’m a fan I woch your videos all the time
Pro boy Cruz
Pro boy Cruz Pred 6 dnevi
Crainers surprise of jelly not being imposter😜😜
Aneesh London
Aneesh London Pred 6 dnevi
I love to be an imposter
Milo VAN DEN BROECK Pred 6 dnevi
Slogo for the code task you need to memerize the code and go on the other side and tope the code
Jaren Oon
Jaren Oon Pred 6 dnevi
just. get the code
Jaren Oon
Jaren Oon Pred 6 dnevi
the task is easy
Oreon Animation
Oreon Animation Pred 6 dnevi
Wow me play among us
Noah Butterworth
Noah Butterworth Pred 6 dnevi
Look at the window when josh did gap room
Simone Norris
Simone Norris Pred 6 dnevi
You sould press embral i can't spell
Huan Wang
Huan Wang Pred 6 dnevi
u gottasee the reavel code and go to the other side to do the correct ans
Marlene Ricaro
Marlene Ricaro Pred 6 dnevi
Jelly live in marbbela spain
Syed Inc
Syed Inc Pred 6 dnevi
11:46 poor crainster :,(
Jayvee Asis
Jayvee Asis Pred 6 dnevi
She was doing it a long time bc it was download
Riko Pred 6 dnevi
IQ level: 10199283839440876766787619293048575957463829171927392719204756593302727
aahil reddy
aahil reddy Pred 7 dnevi
Josh is suuuuuuuus
Kurt Axle Dagan
Kurt Axle Dagan Pred 7 dnevi
the emerald is tap the diamond
Gorilan 11
Gorilan 11 Pred 7 dnevi
Cainer how
BritDabYT Pred 7 dnevi
This was so intence !
CartoonyMaster _ YT
CartoonyMaster _ YT Pred 7 dnevi
Nice rainbow rishy 10:17 👌
XDこんにちは Pred 7 dnevi
Crainer is really maximum dmub
Henry Lee
Henry Lee Pred 7 dnevi
Revel code after you receive the code go the the arrow
Matthew Bathan
Matthew Bathan Pred 7 dnevi
And redd
Matthew Bathan
Matthew Bathan Pred 7 dnevi
Matthew Bathan
Matthew Bathan Pred 7 dnevi
Its crono ivan and murry and killer
Matthew Bathan
Matthew Bathan Pred 7 dnevi
Slogoman be carefull at airship and skeld and mira HQ theres EVIL IMPOSTERS!
Melanie Lowe
Melanie Lowe Pred 7 dnevi
you look at the answer than go to the other one and put in the code
Christain Stophel
Christain Stophel Pred 7 dnevi
shadow wolf banana
shadow wolf banana Pred 7 dnevi
Adena rose
Adena rose Pred 7 dnevi
I don’t get y Americans think British people sound so wierd!
NarutoSasuke Pred 7 dnevi
I meant send me some Robux
NarutoSasuke Pred 7 dnevi
I'm a fan of you can you show me some Robux
James Mcgurran
James Mcgurran Pred 7 dnevi
Congratulations 🥳 for your 10m
Maribel Nunez
Maribel Nunez Pred 7 dnevi
Can josh be the new joker
Munyee Lau
Munyee Lau Pred 8 dnevi
crainers like we were being buddy's my like Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Munyee Lau
Munyee Lau Pred 8 dnevi
jellys like %100 crainer
Natasha Dawe
Natasha Dawe Pred 8 dnevi
Cute baba hoohoo
Shpetim Emini
Shpetim Emini Pred 8 dnevi
OK Haj I am not sure what what you mean by mean a bit but I'm not sure if you are doing well and I hope you are you are doing well and too busy for you guys and I hope you are doing well and I hope you are doing well and I hope you are doing well it was a was a on your the trip day and to be sure be a good a little bit of the time I spent with spent a on the 15th and I hope you are doing it well and I hope you you are doing well too and I hope you are doing it well for you are doing well doing well things are going crazy for me now with the new year in the new world bwbtwyywywy uyy and uyy years and I years old to have be in in love with with you are doing well too
Shpetim Emini
Shpetim Emini Pred 8 dnevi
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Pred 8 dnevi
Crainer was absolutely marinated there
Monika Pred 8 dnevi
Half Kwart
Half Kwart Pred 8 dnevi
Good edits dude!
lbc.shambel 25
lbc.shambel 25 Pred 8 dnevi
lbc.shambel 25
lbc.shambel 25 Pred 8 dnevi
-nbb byr65756668688
lbc.shambel 25
lbc.shambel 25 Pred 8 dnevi
ascy7jihii7 u778
Ryan Percy
Ryan Percy Pred 8 dnevi
I think the code is on the access card.
dasia lb
dasia lb Pred 8 dnevi
i do have something better to do i can subscribe instead of liking hahahha
Jennifer Alica Ward
Jennifer Alica Ward Pred 8 dnevi
I have your merchandise for my birthday
Saga Pred 8 dnevi
This is the reason why I really like Slogos videos: he like not all odder people do is slogo keeps the games when he’s a crewmait and not only importer
chetan kollati
chetan kollati Pred 8 dnevi
Caroline Lumsden
Caroline Lumsden Pred 8 dnevi
Jelly sux
Mike Page
Mike Page Pred 8 dnevi
I used code slogo
KEVIN Pred 8 dnevi
Can pls be in you video pls
Rozza Dog
Rozza Dog Pred 8 dnevi
For the code task the code is the symbols you see on that small screen and the platform on the other side who have to put the code in on that screen
i love chicken nuggets
is it just me or does jazz make me nostalgic just because josh’s old intro😂
hao lu
hao lu Pred 8 dnevi
Baby ACT
Baby ACT Pred 8 dnevi
Awesome Gamer also Zachary A.
The diamond and emerald is a memery task and it changes every time
Zaimon Ballera
Zaimon Ballera Pred 8 dnevi
Jellys on hus head is poop😂😂
Cait Donnelly
Cait Donnelly Pred 8 dnevi
I love the new map I love the way when you go down and up the ladders your hands ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Muhammad Fakhrin Fayd Mohamad Fauzi
crainer in this video is kinda cute 😂😂
Gaming Eli TV
Gaming Eli TV Pred 8 dnevi
Slogo is the best
Cole The blob
Cole The blob Pred 8 dnevi
How come they don't have the text thing so u can't type what u want bruh
Jollean Pred 6 dnevi
I know I noticed that maybe its because thay have discord
Brayden Playz
Brayden Playz Pred 8 dnevi
Yayyy 10 mil
Caitlin Dickson
Caitlin Dickson Pred 8 dnevi
Hi Josh I am such a big fan
siveryan kalugin
siveryan kalugin Pred 8 dnevi
Peely Pred 8 dnevi
Hey Sligo jelly is better than you ye your mum looks like a how your grandma looks like me toe
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