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10. dec. 2020

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Komentarjev 100   
Slogo Pred 5 meseci
Such an unfair ending! 😭 Leave me a comment if you think I won! 👇
Yanyan Gutierrez
Yanyan Gutierrez Pred 2 dnevi
You Won 10000%
Lily DeFazio
Lily DeFazio Pred 11 dnevi
Ya you brock the trophy and he should not have picked it up :(
Samuel Jandrisevits
Samuel Jandrisevits Pred mesecem
I think Josh definitely won that!
FieryBlank - Roblox
FieryBlank - Roblox Pred 2 meseci
You had to mine it so you won
Monishka Pred 4 meseci
Josh u won
omar Alhamzawi
omar Alhamzawi Pred 2 minutami
you won
Carla Forman
Carla Forman Pred 2 urami
Slow go 1Because he minded the trophy But joey picked it up so he won Slow go
Gamerdale Pred 3 urami
Here is a new rule: if you break the trophy with a diamond pickaxe you automatically win, you dont have to pick it up
kulwinder gill
kulwinder gill Pred 6 urami
One Idon non Idon film ciao Carrie pas cruel âme ben date non Allauch Yahoo Yanakis lol le Hoover Jelly
Guitar Vids
Guitar Vids Pred 7 urami
Josh still wins
Nizar Ahmadoun
Nizar Ahmadoun Pred 8 urami
josh/slogo won!
Nizar Ahmadoun
Nizar Ahmadoun Pred 8 urami
dude take your crafting table!
Shyno Tijger
Shyno Tijger Pred 9 urami
Slogo winst
Shyno Tijger
Shyno Tijger Pred 9 urami
Hey slogo what is your phone number 😍
KnightGFX Pred 9 urami
Slogo win
Katarzyna Lee
Katarzyna Lee Pred 12 urami
u won
Natalie Gibbs
Natalie Gibbs Pred 13 urami
Josh won
Roderick Ragel
Roderick Ragel Pred 13 urami
Josh wins
Krishan Soriano
Krishan Soriano Pred 15 urami
Slogo won because i am a fan of you!!!!
Yes won because slogo mined the trophy and jelly picked it up and the rule is if you pick up the trophy tou win and somebody picked up the trophy
Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark Pred dnevom
Jelly better than you
Rojae Jonas
Rojae Jonas Pred dnevom
Josh won
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Pred dnevom
slogo won because you said to mine the trophy
Kishalia Pillay
Kishalia Pillay Pred dnevom
Josh won
Aiden Raptopoulos
Aiden Raptopoulos Pred dnevom
Slogo wins
brywonder1 Pred dnevom
You so won Jelly smells
brywonder1 Pred dnevom
U so won josh
Michiel Mandawe
Michiel Mandawe Pred dnevom
If you break it you won
Michiel Mandawe
Michiel Mandawe Pred dnevom
You win
russ barrett
russ barrett Pred dnevom
Lucas Ridley
Lucas Ridley Pred 2 dnevi
I think Josh
Malak Amer
Malak Amer Pred 2 dnevi
Josh is the winer i don,t care if JEIIY picke,t it up.
monkey donkey
monkey donkey Pred 2 dnevi
josh definetly won that!
slogo name is joshua robert temble
Santanasuj Pred 2 dnevi
What is the meaning of numti?
Ryan Kingko
Ryan Kingko Pred 2 dnevi
i think slogo wins
Alex Wood
Alex Wood Pred 3 dnevi
slogo won
Laqunna Beal
Laqunna Beal Pred 3 dnevi
Slogo must of won I saw him breaking it
Stephanie Kelly
Stephanie Kelly Pred 3 dnevi
Sophia Anezka Ocumen
I think Josh won cause the rules is just mine the throphy not pick the trophy up
Itati Gomez
Itati Gomez Pred 3 dnevi
Cynthia Perras
Cynthia Perras Pred 3 dnevi
Diego_The _Pro
Diego_The _Pro Pred 4 dnevi
new rule if speed runner destroys the trophy they win
Bethany B
Bethany B Pred 4 dnevi
Slogo you rock and you won
lol jelly got it ahahha
damenjivo galvez
damenjivo galvez Pred 4 dnevi
B b b boat time
joy amoranto
joy amoranto Pred 4 dnevi
slogo win
Jasper Cornelis Sprong
At the beginning of every hunter vs speedrunner video, you and Jelly and Crainer say "you have to break the trophy with a diamond pikake to win" so in this case josh or slogan has won
Ryan Adlington
Ryan Adlington Pred 4 dnevi
I think jelly & chainer won cause they did steal the trophy from slogo
Jenniel Dingman
Jenniel Dingman Pred 4 dnevi
Slogo wins he did mine it
Daryl Sambells
Daryl Sambells Pred 4 dnevi
slogo won
Kathryn Sheets
Kathryn Sheets Pred 4 dnevi
The rules were mine it with a diamond pickax not pick it up
King Manguiat
King Manguiat Pred 4 dnevi
Salamatof Salamatof
Ashley Joyce
Ashley Joyce Pred 5 dnevi
RoadHouse34 Pred 5 dnevi
Play Minecraft but be piggy chasing you guys and all chapters
RoadHouse34 Pred 5 dnevi
Hey circle menu scared of piggy well guess what you’re never won tonight question you’re number one donuts questions
Josuegonzalez2010 González
Yo won
Shanae Willcocks
Shanae Willcocks Pred 5 dnevi
hi josh
Madhv 2c
Madhv 2c Pred 5 dnevi
Thes is not good ok jelly
mclaren quavo
mclaren quavo Pred 5 dnevi
slogo won
Sudha Rani
Sudha Rani Pred 5 dnevi
hi slogo i think that you mined the trophy and you win josh. i am supporting to you. actually you should add a rule that they cannot pick up the trophy by that you might have won🤔🤔🤔🤔
jacob fordham
jacob fordham Pred 5 dnevi
I like CRAder lost his compass
jacob fordham
jacob fordham Pred 5 dnevi
I hope you win 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Maxcel Almenario
Maxcel Almenario Pred 5 dnevi
Well u won but u shouldve got it faster
cole pettersen
cole pettersen Pred 5 dnevi
I what you to kill jelly and craner
Jenesa Balazuela
Jenesa Balazuela Pred 5 dnevi
you yon tho
Miley Torres
Miley Torres Pred 6 dnevi
JC Play
JC Play Pred 6 dnevi
Kerry brown
Kerry brown Pred 6 dnevi
Joanne Brown
Joanne Brown Pred 6 dnevi
Slogo next time when you find a temple the the 4 piliers break the block under it and there is a chance to be a chest and when you find a smithy break the block above there might be a chance to be a chest
Connie Snead
Connie Snead Pred 7 dnevi
josh won
Ricardo Cummings
Ricardo Cummings Pred 7 dnevi
He wun
Rebecca Green
Rebecca Green Pred 7 dnevi
Rex's Toy Chest
Rex's Toy Chest Pred 7 dnevi
slogo i think that you won
Little Gamer
Little Gamer Pred 7 dnevi
Jelly is win
Kamil Habibhabab
Kamil Habibhabab Pred 7 dnevi
Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor Pred 8 dnevi
You won
FiZy FoZy
FiZy FoZy Pred 8 dnevi
Slogo wins
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar Pred 8 dnevi
slogo won
Caitlin Maddams
Caitlin Maddams Pred 8 dnevi
Josh definitely won that
i think josh won the round becuse josh is the best in golf it and minecraft and among us.
Kerby Rafael
Kerby Rafael Pred 8 dnevi
Josh why did you enjoy there is just in rainbow lucky block i know it you
Nadine Carriere
Nadine Carriere Pred 9 dnevi
Slogo winds
Jeriwee Pena
Jeriwee Pena Pred 9 dnevi
You can just morph into a rabbit then u will small and trick them XD
Ali Jaradat
Ali Jaradat Pred 9 dnevi
Sligo win
กันตินันท์ องค์ยลธรรม
Maybe Josh win because u mine the trophy.
Sam Can
Sam Can Pred 9 dnevi
Jelly one
Shotta Pred 10 dnevi
Jay Pred 10 dnevi
ngl they said mine it not pick it up so josh won
Sherif Radwan
Sherif Radwan Pred 10 dnevi
no you did ent wni becaues rules are rulles
Uriah eli Jacaba
Uriah eli Jacaba Pred 10 dnevi
Slogo 10000 iq for jelly speedrunner like a dream in a 1 week ago
Conrado Narag
Conrado Narag Pred 10 dnevi
Josh is more pro than crainer and jelly. Most af all challenges he took he won. He is always on focus and smart and top it off with speed Im a huge fan of the 3 of you.
Brody Murr
Brody Murr Pred 11 dnevi
Yes josh won
Kenley Dog
Kenley Dog Pred 11 dnevi
Slogo win
Lily DeFazio
Lily DeFazio Pred 11 dnevi
Ya slogo won
Kiara Goodland
Kiara Goodland Pred 11 dnevi
josh won
Simon Salud
Simon Salud Pred 11 dnevi
Josh Have You Remember Your Old Channel OxyMoras?
Raisineye Pred 11 dnevi
slogo won and also if a hunder picks up the trophe then speedrunner wins
Pinky Gupta
Pinky Gupta Pred 11 dnevi
Josh won
Lucinda Farrell
Lucinda Farrell Pred 11 dnevi
They never killed slogo! But slogo mined the trophy! Who cares if he doesn’t pick it up? Therefore slogo deserves to win
Noah Eullo
Noah Eullo Pred 11 dnevi
Josh won
Basketball god 10
Basketball god 10 Pred 11 dnevi
Josh you won
THE BOYS Team 😎😎😎
Josh you win because you broke it jelly picked it up but you broke it so it counts as you when you win
prayaan OMG
prayaan OMG Pred 12 dnevi
Slogo win
Ogledi 1,2 mio.
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