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1. apr. 2021

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Grace Sune
Grace Sune Pred 4 urami
ict ujjain
ict ujjain Pred 15 urami
I did not like you without head
Pulak Singh
Pulak Singh Pred dnevom
Crainer and jelly aee noob kings
Pulak Singh
Pulak Singh Pred dnevom
Pulak Singh
Pulak Singh Pred dnevom
Jelly sucks
Pulak Singh
Pulak Singh Pred dnevom
Ur so cute slogo
bernadette Khalifeh
bernadette Khalifeh Pred 3 dnevi
I’m love you
Chris Plays
Chris Plays Pred 3 dnevi
They are just changing themselves they cut the video and change manually for example at 5:57 Crainer was a leg and he became arms beside he switched it
axstro legend
axstro legend Pred 4 dnevi
i love ur vids josh
Evelyn Itable
Evelyn Itable Pred 4 dnevi
F J Pred 5 dnevi
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassaaasaey dtrdh s
Ttnuny Bgtcyvybunu
Ttnuny Bgtcyvybunu Pred 5 dnevi
Slogo: why is there a door Jelly: I don't know Me: boat time more like d d d d door time
Youtube Moments
Youtube Moments Pred 6 dnevi
You copyed TommyInnit
Isaac B
Isaac B Pred 6 dnevi
Bbbbbbb boat time
Ali playz roblox
Ali playz roblox Pred 6 dnevi
Forever in your life😂😂
dark Night gamer
dark Night gamer Pred 6 dnevi
Slogo: no worries anytime me: lol
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Pred 7 dnevi
It’z your Gal saf
It’z your Gal saf Pred 7 dnevi
How do we do that why that a hedddd
MATT W Pred 7 dnevi
Legs are teacnically useless in this
Emily Finegan
Emily Finegan Pred 8 dnevi
If you guys look closely jelly didn't need a crouch to go through the window cuz of how small he was
Milk O Playz
Milk O Playz Pred 8 dnevi
If you can’t break things with no arm then how are they walking as a head??????????
Bom Pred 8 dnevi
i saw the head one so i noticed its like from tommy innit
Bubba Lopez
Bubba Lopez Pred 8 dnevi
I hat you I like jelly more
Bethanie Joyce
Bethanie Joyce Pred 8 dnevi
Diane DeSilva
Diane DeSilva Pred 8 dnevi
Jelly sucks
MWANGI PURITY Pred 8 dnevi
Wow this. Mode. Is. Cool
NickMortuus Pred 9 dnevi
Diamonds are forever
Leila Laurecka
Leila Laurecka Pred 9 dnevi
Jelly socks Jelly sucks
Road Tree Gaming
Road Tree Gaming Pred 9 dnevi
slogo:is that in my bum me:im wondering what happens when u get ure leg back
Road Tree Gaming
Road Tree Gaming Pred 9 dnevi
when they lose a arm or their body they should lose their items other wise where do they store them lol
noname321 Pred 9 dnevi
Umm, crainer says we need the right arm when it is actually the left one.
Bash Duncan
Bash Duncan Pred 9 dnevi
This is the REAL heads and tails.
Flavia Depina
Flavia Depina Pred 9 dnevi
amelia magaoay
amelia magaoay Pred 10 dnevi
I can't afford the merch fu*drill*
Francesca Chua
Francesca Chua Pred 10 dnevi
Do a chichen feet iron golem body and arms of the iron golem then head of the wolf
Belinda Rodriguez
Belinda Rodriguez Pred 10 dnevi
Lol lol
Harry Thackray
Harry Thackray Pred 10 dnevi
2:59 slogo is finally a slug
Mozzawe Pred 10 dnevi
*snail slides across screen* Josh" it's a slug"
Amad Macasalong
Amad Macasalong Pred 10 dnevi
Josh:gets stuck Crainer:well Josh is stuck there forever Jelly:blocks josh
Tanzim 760 gaming
Tanzim 760 gaming Pred 10 dnevi
Day 81 of asking josh to bring back golf it
Louise Crossley
Louise Crossley Pred 10 dnevi
Hi im Louise crossley
Chan Chan
Chan Chan Pred 10 dnevi
Jill Freeman
Jill Freeman Pred 10 dnevi
Bimala Subba
Bimala Subba Pred 10 dnevi
Hay slogo I tolled jelly what you know about jellys troll under cow towns maior at the chest
joshua phillips
joshua phillips Pred 11 dnevi
That intro do
VIRAJ FF Pred 11 dnevi
Congrats for 10M
shoba kanuparthi
shoba kanuparthi Pred 11 dnevi
Hi Josh
Max Boxall
Max Boxall Pred 11 dnevi
Max Boxall
Max Boxall Pred 11 dnevi
Malika Cheikh
Malika Cheikh Pred 11 dnevi
Dream. Sees this( Dream pov) HELL NA IM QUIT
Thinus van Loggerenberg
you should as well play SUPER MARIO GALAXY
Thinus van Loggerenberg
what da heck are you jelly and slogo and crainer
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey Pred 4 dnevi
Kevin Davey
Kevin Davey Pred 11 dnevi
Play GTA5 and rob a bank
甘翊辰KAM YIK SEN Pred 11 dnevi
i have Watch trainer
Altie-axe Pred 11 dnevi
Faris Kingdom
Faris Kingdom Pred 11 dnevi
Play pkdd
Faris Kingdom
Faris Kingdom Pred 11 dnevi
Play craftsnan
HEE KWOK JYN Moe Pred 11 dnevi
Bo Leh Leh BO Leh Leh
myriam younes
myriam younes Pred 11 dnevi
Slogo great you hit 10m subscribers
Queen lele
Queen lele Pred 11 dnevi
not you stealing this from tommyinit
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Pred 11 dnevi
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Pred 11 dnevi
Rejoice Nyanungo
Rejoice Nyanungo Pred 11 dnevi
You are a hand
Taranum Fatima
Taranum Fatima Pred 11 dnevi
Lol I love it when slogo says "problematic" hahahaha omg that's halarious
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim Pred 12 dnevi
you got 10million subascriber's
Manjot Singh
Manjot Singh Pred 12 dnevi
It’s time I mitaure and unsub and watcht your old vids
KlKL_2460 Pred 12 dnevi
9:04 Crainir: *JOB*
Andreas Sianipar
Andreas Sianipar Pred 11 urami
Lil Rice
Lil Rice Pred 12 dnevi
I notice that their beds are each other.
Kim Dimicelli
Kim Dimicelli Pred 12 dnevi
Bree Batten
Bree Batten Pred 12 dnevi
can you make realistic gta 5 mod
Scotia Cabins
Scotia Cabins Pred 12 dnevi
hey josh um i was wondering if you could do a speedrunners vs hunters amoung us in mincraft
AZBE07 Pred 12 dnevi
It's not mixing ..... it's missing
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Pred 12 dnevi
And I have one two three four dry pieces of blood on my foot and I handled it as a champ wood
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Pred 12 dnevi
Nice job 👍 maybe you can make a you have to find diamonds but every 10
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Pred 12 dnevi
Don't mind the second one just what I meant is you can make a video where every 10 seconds you will lose your stuff I know it's kind of brutal but it's a challenge mod and yeah like not hard I mean mod it was so hard and that's why I want you to do every second you lose all of your stuff
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Pred 12 dnevi
I'm your biggest fan ever and I know it works hard because hey but I don't have mods because I play on Xbox so they're really is I don't know how to do mods so it's very hard to do mods and I can't even do mods yeah but remember I'm your biggest fan and nice job
Aditya Ali
Aditya Ali Pred 12 dnevi
Kedan Gasper
Kedan Gasper Pred 12 dnevi
I missed this by 2 days
Herkzace Gaudicos
Herkzace Gaudicos Pred 12 dnevi
This is so so so funny 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Isaiah Pred 12 dnevi
This is a cool video slogo
charlie something
charlie something Pred 12 dnevi
this is so funny 🤣🤣
Travis Askew
Travis Askew Pred 12 dnevi
Why did slogo make a crafting tale when crainer made a crafting tale
Mikey Henry Benson
Mikey Henry Benson Pred 12 dnevi
Slogo can you do more troll videos with you, Jelly and Crainer? I like watching them
Geoff Deane
Geoff Deane Pred 13 dnevi
Lol its on peaceful
Hector Joel Gonzalez
Hector Joel Gonzalez Pred 13 dnevi
Mariam Hussein
Mariam Hussein Pred 13 dnevi
My naim is Mariam
Mariam Hussein
Mariam Hussein Pred 13 dnevi
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Hahahahahha
adeline wildanda
adeline wildanda Pred 13 dnevi
if you have a leg and body means you like a ghost when you running and jumping
Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers Pred 12 dnevi
There's going to be a new orb in Minecraft it's going to probably be in the overboard and the nether probably I don't know my sister tol me see is 16 I mean 13 and there's going to be a new animal in Minecraft it's called a glow squid
jonny barry
jonny barry Pred 13 dnevi
are you German or something slogo becaus you speak so fast
ralph wuest
ralph wuest Pred 13 dnevi
Slogo: yea jelly is the heaviest Jelly the LOSER: excuse me? Me: jelly is the heaviest so... he break the iron right?🐸🐸🐸
a sucker with no name
a sucker with no name Pred 13 dnevi
You should have killed the iron golem
hay mar
hay mar Pred 13 dnevi
jellyd. tnt
BEBsriprai juntha
BEBsriprai juntha Pred 13 dnevi
When I saw jelly josh and crainer swim: MOM GET THE CAMERA THERES A LOCHNESS MONSTER!
BEBsriprai juntha
BEBsriprai juntha Pred 10 dnevi
@Wahu Wahu oh yeah forgot about that
Wahu Wahu
Wahu Wahu Pred 10 dnevi
No there are mermaids 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Bridges
Jordan Bridges Pred 13 dnevi
Tommyinnit did it better
SHEILA ELA Pred 13 dnevi
Zoe Stanford
Zoe Stanford Pred 13 dnevi
I love you vids please pin me and I subed and we’ll done for 10mil
Tata Clair
Tata Clair Pred 13 dnevi
i like hom
Tata Clair
Tata Clair Pred 13 dnevi
Your grat SLOGO Bro
Tata Clair
Tata Clair Pred 13 dnevi
You can play mindcraft
Tata Clair
Tata Clair Pred 13 dnevi
Tata Clair
Tata Clair Pred 13 dnevi
I like Sligo
Being Shy is a Superpower..