Snipers vs Runners in GTA 5 (Funny Moments) 

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⭐️ Snipers vs Runners in GTA 5
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8. apr. 2021

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Parisa Shafie
Parisa Shafie Pred 3 dnevi
Stephen Nunez
Stephen Nunez Pred 11 dnevi
yall falling off
Brian_clapz Pred 13 dnevi
Rugby Channel
Rugby Channel Pred 13 dnevi
Does anyone know what this maps caleed
Flashas Fn
Flashas Fn Pred 14 dnevi
Where to find rhis game mode?
Eric Radcliff
Eric Radcliff Pred 15 dnevi
gta is back baby
Adrian B
Adrian B Pred 17 dnevi
I like Among us and you Josh
the e36 dude
the e36 dude Pred 20 dnevi
Wow haven't been here in a while like 2 years while where kweblekop
The Gaming Company
The Gaming Company Pred 27 dnevi
from where do you play these jobs...?
Jo Bausch
Jo Bausch Pred 27 dnevi
They’ve played this map in the past
Jo Bausch
Jo Bausch Pred 27 dnevi
Do more good ball tag pplllllleeeeaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
conferees smlllith
conferees smlllith Pred 28 dnevi
Benjamin Gilligan
Benjamin Gilligan Pred 28 dnevi
I like lamp
Jaden Obazeh
Jaden Obazeh Pred 28 dnevi
nice hair btw, bro your videos and your hair are bangers
bloxy boy
bloxy boy Pred mesecem
Josh there's only one thing to do with crainer TRON!!!
Larry the not so Canadian
Jelly: I actually got him with that. screen: rishy killed him
Larry the not so Canadian
who misses the old intro
Nik Ninja
Nik Ninja Pred mesecem
Pls bring back intro
Khyri Lancaster
Khyri Lancaster Pred mesecem
Yes I love GTA videos
Kimpreet Rehal
Kimpreet Rehal Pred mesecem
his a runer hisd a trckstar
Alex Fire
Alex Fire Pred mesecem
Josh playing Gta with a sniper be like: Josh: shoots Rishy Rishy: insta dead imposters win
Freakyplayz42_YT Pred mesecem
Gregorio Crisostomo
Gregorio Crisostomo Pred mesecem
This video was mede 5 month ago
Vicky berube
Vicky berube Pred mesecem
elsa Galvez
elsa Galvez Pred mesecem
I remember the video back in March 8 2021 old video of duck hunt
Fazewolf chilly
Fazewolf chilly Pred mesecem
Can you do more gta
Secretive Epic
Secretive Epic Pred mesecem
i know who it,s jelly
Zinash Dereje
Zinash Dereje Pred mesecem
Do rust & valling ham and fall guys
Krzysztof HD
Krzysztof HD Pred mesecem
If your an og you remember this map
Shado Kies
Shado Kies Pred mesecem
Crainer: i can do this jo- Slogo: -.-
Annebelle Schneemann
"ultimate chicken horse"
Annebelle Schneemann
"ultimate chicken horse"
Annebelle Schneemann
"ultimate chicken horse"
Annebelle Schneemann
"ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse" "ultimate chicken horse"
Help me reach 10k With 0 videos
I wish all who sees this best of luck in his life
Tyrone Gaming
Tyrone Gaming Pred mesecem
“No to hackers “like josh in gmod hahahaha
Oliver Pearson
Oliver Pearson Pred mesecem
Yes gta again I love the gta vids carryon with the good work
Mr Beast,ಠಿ_ಠಿ
Congrats to the people who so this second coment
Leo Chen
Leo Chen Pred mesecem
Katie Eason
Katie Eason Pred mesecem
Slogo my hand fell asleep
Edaga Vava
Edaga Vava Pred mesecem
Bro he jumped off because he did not want to play anymore because he already got to the 10 minute mark
Pred mesecem
Your the
Hidde BJ
Hidde BJ Pred mesecem
They already played this game but act like they don't know this
Cooper Telfer
Cooper Telfer Pred mesecem
Does anyone know how to get money in GTA FIVE online quickly?
TheDarkKing Pred mesecem
I have been watching every single video you have released in the past 5 months and well that shows how big of a fan i am
HenSt1985 Pred mesecem
... we never seen them play Mario Kart ...
Miller Levin
Miller Levin Pred mesecem
josh is cracked at the game
Slayer Krimy
Slayer Krimy Pred mesecem
I like to p
Altie-axe Pred mesecem
Marcin F
Marcin F Pred mesecem
It was so funny when Slogo said yo
UnicornWizard Pred mesecem
I recognise this map
Tylerplayz Pred mesecem
Crainer sucks
Archit Mishra
Archit Mishra Pred mesecem
0.08 who is that?
Arvind Garg
Arvind Garg Pred mesecem
0:00 Slogo you need a haircut 💈 xD
Joshua Lovell
Joshua Lovell Pred mesecem
slogo jelly you should do a gta race with crainer
samuel krewinghaus
samuel krewinghaus Pred mesecem
BRING BACK THE KWEBLECOP crainer should not be allowed to hold that thing
nancy arzate
nancy arzate Pred mesecem
miles tickler
miles tickler Pred mesecem
I remembered when thay played this exact map
Familia Rueda
Familia Rueda Pred mesecem
Hey Josh how about you jelly and Kraner play a new game you should play Fortnite and the last one standing winds and the other people have to pay 1 million Vbox to the winner
Kayla Dotson
Kayla Dotson Pred mesecem
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Pred mesecem
Oh it's back again!
Gaming Gecko
Gaming Gecko Pred mesecem
Slogo need to come with more gta
Abhir Lifestyle
Abhir Lifestyle Pred mesecem
Pizza actually bad video so that's why
Abhir Lifestyle
Abhir Lifestyle Pred mesecem
My brother is image showing crash because of these videos
Latisha kirk
Latisha kirk Pred mesecem
Is it just me or josh hairstyle change ever video
The archea Castle
The archea Castle Pred mesecem
I mean slogoman
The archea Castle
The archea Castle Pred mesecem
Slogo is very bad at GTA 5
funvidz Pred mesecem
The old gang played this.
Thomas Stannard
Thomas Stannard Pred mesecem
let me be top comment
cody gaming and content
Bull ahaha
Zakariyya Nahnuck
Zakariyya Nahnuck Pred mesecem
Slogo is mean
Riley Robinson
Riley Robinson Pred mesecem
Jelly and drainer posted this vid like a year ago
Riley Robinson
Riley Robinson Pred mesecem
Crainer *
Riley Robinson
Riley Robinson Pred mesecem
Tony Pred mesecem
I still remember the first time you played this
Arod The Guy
Arod The Guy Pred mesecem
Plzzz do more GTA vids, there the best. I know Crainer sucks at it but the more he plays, the better he can get. Hopefully
Itachi The legend
Itachi The legend Pred mesecem
Only the og’s will remember this map
Marco Fabian
Marco Fabian Pred mesecem
Only slogoman's fan know slogo has played this map like 3 years ago
Maheer Tazwar
Maheer Tazwar Pred mesecem
5:51 that’s what some uneducated ducks do
Ferrousparty Pred mesecem
Rishy is basically the fourth member of thier team
asfar942 Pred mesecem
Early yay
Alex gaming
Alex gaming Pred mesecem
Quack: Josh 2021
Helen Chu
Helen Chu Pred mesecem
Ey more gta
WENDY_BG Pred mesecem
eglontina Pred mesecem
Your hair never looked better then in this video
Pratyush Mukhopadhyay
Mateo Acevedo
Mateo Acevedo Pred mesecem
slogo is the best
Agastyaa Salvi
Agastyaa Salvi Pred mesecem
josh im geting a ps5
Naruen Pred mesecem
Jelly posted this a month ago
Naruen Pred mesecem
Jelly posted this a month ago
Naruen Pred mesecem
Jelly posted this a month ago
Naruen Pred mesecem
Jelly posted this a month ago
Naruen Pred mesecem
Jelly posted this a month ago
Black Force
Black Force Pred mesecem
Why yo are not starting a series with minecraft 1000 mods loaded? I loved.
LIGHTNIG YT Pred mesecem
SLOGO is a sore loser.
ashvan0 Pred mesecem
Josh jelly troll you on cow town go check
REAPER Pred mesecem
Why was return to combat written in french
ShortFuse Junior
ShortFuse Junior Pred mesecem
Fortnite vid with crainer
KalebPrentice Pred mesecem
Only Ogs know this video is old
Raghvir Singh
Raghvir Singh Pred mesecem
0lay pls you my favourite SLtv’s in the world pls play minecraft
Raghvir Singh
Raghvir Singh Pred mesecem
Slogo play mine craft jelly made you house in dirt
Agneet Nalawde
Agneet Nalawde Pred mesecem
In cow town
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