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25. feb. 2021

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Matthew Gemmell
Matthew Gemmell Pred 5 urami
4:55 oh diamond just what I wanted Me: ya think
Ma. Adora Murillo
Ma. Adora Murillo Pred 13 urami
I am slogo
prakhar pratap
prakhar pratap Pred 13 urami
best of the speedrunners are slogo and jelly crainer suk
Hunter Noel
Hunter Noel Pred 22 urami
Jelly and crainer won at the benging
Hunter Noel
Hunter Noel Pred 22 urami
Jelly and drainer at the benging
Ann Kigima
Ann Kigima Pred dnevom
Josh u said hell
gaming_ challenges
gaming_ challenges Pred 2 dnevi
I love your editing
WanNor Mackhatee
WanNor Mackhatee Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine the vid ended cuz the first death
Leonardo Mix
Leonardo Mix Pred 3 dnevi
Let's see.. crainer's lucky cane had like 15+ attack damage because both jelly and crainer had strength therefore craine is the lucky one, having the cane with enough power to do 3 and a half hearts to full diamond
Salvador Olivas
Salvador Olivas Pred 4 dnevi
5.19 what the hel- what are they up to if you are a og you will remember slogo jelly and kebekop dont know how to spell his name
Salvador Olivas
Salvador Olivas Pred 4 dnevi
519 what the hel-
Kurt Martin Enriquez
In early but i laughed when he died in the beginning lol but i checked the timer its 11.01 so i thought it ends
FrostormYT Pred 5 dnevi
"Ok, mhmm"
Keepie dg
Keepie dg Pred 6 dnevi
Can you give me the link for that map please?
Owen Ballantyne
Owen Ballantyne Pred 6 dnevi
You lost because you did not get the trophy in time
slogo so funny 😅
Riley Doyle
Riley Doyle Pred 6 dnevi
I HAT you
Adam Bassarath
Adam Bassarath Pred 7 dnevi
how can sloho with full diamond armor not kill 2 pepole but dream with iron armor can kill 4 or 5 people ?
Liam Yum yum
Liam Yum yum Pred 8 dnevi
Did you just said what I think you said
The blue Guard
The blue Guard Pred 8 dnevi
My guy literally being dumb for a lot of minutes
Mrbeastcool 64
Mrbeastcool 64 Pred 8 dnevi
When Sligo got the diamonds he didn’t make a sword
musa salar
musa salar Pred 8 dnevi
I’m I’m sorry I’m gonna cause you didn’t win better luck next time but I’m subscribed
Lezelle Jackson
Lezelle Jackson Pred 9 dnevi
Golly is so dumb
Tick lyke Butta
Tick lyke Butta Pred 10 dnevi
Go and. Bald. A. Home
Tick lyke Butta
Tick lyke Butta Pred 10 dnevi
Hudson Horton
Hudson Horton Pred 11 dnevi
Josh could have used the cobwebs to trap jelly and
Moon Chan
Moon Chan Pred 14 dnevi
for jelly they get sherk
Parker Rubino
Parker Rubino Pred 14 dnevi
Fy josh
Cass Frank
Cass Frank Pred 16 dnevi
Create your own home
HyperSonic Pred 17 dnevi
The ambush ended the video
Pinki Choudhary
Pinki Choudhary Pred 17 dnevi
I hata u
Alton Galvan
Alton Galvan Pred 17 dnevi
0:50 It would be funny if the video just ended
davit the tuber boy
davit the tuber boy Pred 18 dnevi
OMG kids shirt
Lauren Walsh-McDonnell
Brown Lll
Allistair Turner
Allistair Turner Pred 19 dnevi
Jelly and crainer funny 😄
Sara Mnisi
Sara Mnisi Pred 19 dnevi
Aliyah fei Gueta
Aliyah fei Gueta Pred 19 dnevi
Aliyah fei Gueta
Aliyah fei Gueta Pred 19 dnevi
LLC Pred 20 dnevi
What the hell😌
Angela Elaine L. Jacinto
Funny video
Kier Jeus Legaspi
Kier Jeus Legaspi Pred 20 dnevi
why is the candy so big
Jaydensmaks Pred 21 dnevom
At 22 seconds you can hear he got a text
Zora Stefanovic
Zora Stefanovic Pred 23 dnevi
Koja kill them nowww i will Save uow
haydee andren
haydee andren Pred 24 dnevi
Me 999999 mods gun
Keytheng Gant
Keytheng Gant Pred 27 dnevi
Don’t cures
Hreiii Esr
Hreiii Esr Pred 27 dnevi
Slogo it should be game over on the first seconds
mrlaocee Pred 27 dnevi
Ghassan Sayed
Ghassan Sayed Pred 29 dnevi
i have slogo mirchs
Mr. Ben
Mr. Ben Pred mesecem
my dad is meen and i am poor i hav a bad life
red cross
red cross Pred mesecem
Bruh if you put block of sticks in the crafting then you will get sticks bruhhhhh
Juram Paolo Baricuatro
You been troll by island server
karl ang
karl ang Pred mesecem
You need cobweb and TNT put that cobweb them and put the TNT to the cobweb and light the TNT
Jha'khary Jones
Jha'khary Jones Pred mesecem
The video over I guess 🤣🤣🤣
:l Pred mesecem
The first time I see slogo loose
Khaleem Burke
Khaleem Burke Pred mesecem
Slogo died as he started to run so he loses 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Claire Shuttleworth
Claire Shuttleworth Pred mesecem
I did like
GAMER BOY Pred mesecem
Why did you not craft a diamond sword
GAMER BOY Pred mesecem
I am in your discord server i am a big fan i have been watching your vids for 3 years
Abigail Bigsby
Abigail Bigsby Pred mesecem
hi io
Abigail Bigsby
Abigail Bigsby Pred mesecem
Hassan Q
Hassan Q Pred mesecem
6:10 I think you can barely see a totem for a second behind redstone pause to see easily
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming Pred mesecem
5:19 Josh LANGUAGE
zami rosmi
zami rosmi Pred mesecem
Day 98of asking to play roblox
Z.A -D.P
Z.A -D.P Pred mesecem
josh always ruin his win
Nate Alvarado
Nate Alvarado Pred mesecem
What the hello i have not seen Josh say that in awhile
Lee Sherman
Lee Sherman Pred mesecem
slogo:what the hell lol
Silas Ransi
Silas Ransi Pred mesecem
Ur having a no
Justin guzman
Justin guzman Pred mesecem
Hi Hi
Alanod Alotaibi
Alanod Alotaibi Pred mesecem
This video is so good that’s what I said inSpanish
The Red Guy
The Red Guy Pred mesecem
But u didn't say it in spanish tho
Alanod Alotaibi
Alanod Alotaibi Pred mesecem
Ryan victor
Ryan victor Pred mesecem
You dum dum
Gary Owen
Gary Owen Pred mesecem
F to crainer and jelly
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Pred mesecem
random boy
random boy Pred mesecem
Slogoman: ok bye guys wooooooo *dies* Jelly and crainer: lol we just won the video is over
grisila Pred mesecem
Zeshan Mahdi
Zeshan Mahdi Pred mesecem
Josh is a loser
Larry Evans
Larry Evans Pred mesecem
Bassam Hashem
Bassam Hashem Pred mesecem
Finlay Wilkinson
Finlay Wilkinson Pred mesecem
2:36 i think the lucky block was gonna tp u to world height then drop u but ur boat stopped it. luck +100
Matt Hayes
Matt Hayes Pred mesecem
Goma Nakarmi
Goma Nakarmi Pred mesecem
Vinita Mapagu
Vinita Mapagu Pred mesecem
Why did ypi yous the spider web so you could trap them so they cant move
PoPia Pred mesecem
Bagum Ane
Bagum Ane Pred mesecem
You TO
Bentlee Keck
Bentlee Keck Pred mesecem
You should of made a sorwd
Keian Ellejun Olangco
No bout time
Alejandro Valenzuela
0:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucas Willis
Lucas Willis Pred mesecem
Lucaswillis roo t66, and the family
will gaming
will gaming Pred mesecem
that tower is so TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Char Jay
Char Jay Pred mesecem
1:47 b b b boat time
James Harvey Quindoza
Josh quotes, “Question mark maybe? “
Goma Nakarmi
Goma Nakarmi Pred mesecem
he said wo tumes
Will Hefford
Will Hefford Pred mesecem
imagine that slogo failed two times in a row
Will Hefford
Will Hefford Pred mesecem
hii slogo
Yanyan Gutierrez
Yanyan Gutierrez Pred mesecem
Josie Delos Santos
Josie Delos Santos Pred mesecem
Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas Pred mesecem
Mr beast
Mark Bitterroot
Mark Bitterroot Pred mesecem
One Track Mind
One Track Mind Pred mesecem
Josh should have kept going.
Hamzaa Hamed
Hamzaa Hamed Pred mesecem
slogo merch is $$$
Megan Cleere
Megan Cleere Pred mesecem
Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboat time
Eric Evangelista
Eric Evangelista Pred mesecem
slogoman why you didnt dig up?