I Got SUPER LUCKY In Game Of Life 2! 

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9. apr. 2021

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Mr UNKNOWN Pred 17 urami
I also subscribed cuz I know I can beat you
Hot RBLX Pred dnevom
16:32 AHH HIS STATS ARE 666!!
Liam Exall
Liam Exall Pred 2 dnevi
I will win
Quirol, Julian
Quirol, Julian Pred 5 dnevi
What a surprise! That having pets and a partner in life didn't give them wealth. *h u m o r*
William Moore
William Moore Pred 6 dnevi
He face cam is in the way of the money
Renfer Family
Renfer Family Pred 7 dnevi
loes jelly
Kyra Rogers
Kyra Rogers Pred 7 dnevi
1:00 Crainer- Hey guys! Welcome to my E-sports event! E, Es- Spin!
Justin Koper
Justin Koper Pred 7 dnevi
Always when i play game of life on the board game in real life i some how always become a millionaire
Kyra Rogers
Kyra Rogers Pred 8 dnevi
The bank gave Jelly 100k because they thought he was homeless
Saber Dipu
Saber Dipu Pred 8 dnevi
Slogo should have won bc he had a pet
The Boss
The Boss Pred 8 dnevi
Resa S
Resa S Pred 10 dnevi
Slogo is gana win
facts Pred 10 dnevi
Has anyone noticed that Josh has 666 for Knowledge and hearts and for wealth
Luke Reillykeenan
Luke Reillykeenan Pred 11 dnevi
Even though the first few steps to the final step
Connor Scott
Connor Scott Pred 12 dnevi
I liked it better when they played Game Of Life the original
Syed Jazib Hassan
Syed Jazib Hassan Pred 13 dnevi
It's so funny they don't realize they have taxes at the start crainer was making 10k only and josh also could have been making 40k each turn at the start
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Pred 15 dnevi
Crainer will win
Klyv Que
Klyv Que Pred 16 dnevi
coolbryantran9 Pred 19 dnevi
Jude Healey
Jude Healey Pred 19 dnevi
Jelly smells
Grant Sourk
Grant Sourk Pred 19 dnevi
vasile rosu
vasile rosu Pred 21 dnevom
mister beast
Lucero and Esvin
Lucero and Esvin Pred 21 dnevom
Wow that’s deep dude :Josh
Ryan Tyndall
Ryan Tyndall Pred 21 dnevom
4:46 Slogo is Sus...
TheBlueMan003 Pred 22 dnevi
Slogo is rich in game real life rich too
Ilyas Ibrahim
Ilyas Ibrahim Pred 22 dnevi
Josh your face cam blocks how much money u have
Journey PH
Journey PH Pred 23 dnevi
Do a longer game/life
Asta FO
Asta FO Pred 24 dnevi
Hi i love your vids
_Toca Blitz_💚
_Toca Blitz_💚 Pred 26 dnevi
"I can/will never get married" -Jelly "I am telling Sanna" -Me "You are *DEAD* 🙂" -Sanna
Angry Chillii
Angry Chillii Pred 27 dnevi
16:24 U shouldn’t hof🤣🤣
TheBurliestHat Pred 27 dnevi
Slogo always wins
Cat Bot
Cat Bot Pred mesecem
1:11 2:50 12:19 16:53 19:29
Leandro Alcantara
Leandro Alcantara Pred mesecem
Jelly develops a app which Slogo designs then which Crainer plays.
George Wakefield
George Wakefield Pred mesecem
If jelly 🤬 cranier is not winning slogo always wins
Renee Kaur
Renee Kaur Pred mesecem
I love this game pls make more videos Thanks slogo
Leul Bayou
Leul Bayou Pred mesecem
whatever happened to jelly slogo crainer skyblock islands
Nahla Elsheikh
Nahla Elsheikh Pred mesecem
Merry ur twin?
Sakaria Ali
Sakaria Ali Pred mesecem
sumtin games
sumtin games Pred mesecem
BroncosRips Pred mesecem
What if josh made the video games that drainer plays on his stream that jelly watches. It’s an infinite loophole
Muhammad Beast
Muhammad Beast Pred mesecem
Nahi think it is just luck
Ellis Guillen
Ellis Guillen Pred mesecem
I think only kids count in the game of life 2.
Royale Bluebxrry
Royale Bluebxrry Pred mesecem
I love Game of Life I have the boardgame!!
Epicgamer For life
Epicgamer For life Pred mesecem
Di anyone notice that at 16:35 Josh's things in the top left are 666
Lilli Paora
Lilli Paora Pred mesecem
i love how jelly said decision weirdly, so crainer had to correct him🤣
Abraham Cordero
Abraham Cordero Pred mesecem
Abraham Cordero
Abraham Cordero Pred mesecem
Hunter Gaming
Hunter Gaming Pred mesecem
I think slogo wins
Nicko Alqarroque
Nicko Alqarroque Pred mesecem
Winner winner chicken dinner
Owl_420_710 Pred mesecem
fun fact: Yt will reccomend this to you 3 days later
darth PERSONman
darth PERSONman Pred mesecem
8:30 sweeet home Alabama!!!!!!!
TrulyXGreenz Pred mesecem
Can you move your facecam next time so we can see
QwertySky Pred mesecem
QwertySky Pred mesecem
Day 9 asking for Ultimatechickenhorse
Liam Shields
Liam Shields Pred mesecem
Liam Shields
Liam Shields Pred mesecem
Josh can u move your face can cuz we can't see how much money EVERYONE'S MONEY
Santi Montoya prado
Santi Montoya prado Pred mesecem
Slogo has to win
Jolanta Czerniec
Jolanta Czerniec Pred mesecem
Brian Pred mesecem
Play rust
G G Pred mesecem
I’d love to see full games👍!!
iam allaam
iam allaam Pred mesecem
I think slogo will win
ayaan patwari
ayaan patwari Pred mesecem
Josh can you move your web cam so we can see the amount of money everyone has
Lilin Kurniasari
Lilin Kurniasari Pred mesecem
16:34 look at his attributes
Ali Abid
Ali Abid Pred mesecem
well you really didn't get lucky this time
i am so frustrated that all of them call Josh's avatar ( a seagull ) a pigeon someone tell them that it is a segull plsss
Kolton Bradley Wagner
Bro how did jelly win
Kris Ed
Kris Ed Pred mesecem
The sleepy key independently wreck because lier methodologically wink like a puffy hair. elite, roasted sushi
ahmed hussen
ahmed hussen Pred mesecem
Amin hussen
NTGJ PLAYz Pred mesecem
Look at 16:33 at joshes scores devil sign
Universal Gamer
Universal Gamer Pred mesecem
Happy 10 milllion
Edwina Omollo
Edwina Omollo Pred mesecem
think josh won this game
Dannymoto1126 Evering
"You know what it is"
Divij Jain
Divij Jain Pred mesecem
for creainer ther should be button for spinning
Noah Wilkinson
Noah Wilkinson Pred mesecem
fall guys
Noah Wilkinson
Noah Wilkinson Pred mesecem
play more call guys
Χριστόδουλος Καμενίδης
who relised josh got 6 knowlege 6 happines and 6 wealth ?
Kawo Tong
Kawo Tong Pred mesecem
Wernt that lucky
Arcie Flores
Arcie Flores Pred mesecem
Please read upload a new video among us minecraft please please please
NJX Alejandro
NJX Alejandro Pred mesecem
Saying he got so lucky but jelly still won
Oscar Mcgirr
Oscar Mcgirr Pred mesecem
Because your a thing
Oscar Mcgirr
Oscar Mcgirr Pred mesecem
I’m happy
Jess Q
Jess Q Pred mesecem
Help me reach 10k With 0 videos
I wish all who sees this best of luck with his life
Joel Dyason
Joel Dyason Pred mesecem
Isn't it weird how Josh always married a male?
Seth Beharie
Seth Beharie Pred mesecem
They always forget that the pets and baby’s don’t count
Geevan veluchamy
Geevan veluchamy Pred mesecem
Slogo i love your videos so much but move your very big head i cant see the points
Ashley Pred mesecem
Why is it always game of life with a car on top spikes I never see spikes in game
Janice Perry
Janice Perry Pred mesecem
Are you still friends with kwepokop
Emily & Cindy Gallardo
But how did you lose?
Airsoft 35 TERA
Airsoft 35 TERA Pred mesecem
15:10 LOL Josh is going to kiss the air... Quite funny face
Hannah Poje
Hannah Poje Pred mesecem
I love the game of life vids
Zenith Gaming
Zenith Gaming Pred mesecem
16:34 666 check the crowns
Luke Dunn
Luke Dunn Pred mesecem
jelly is not the smartest in the group is he
Vaughn Jayden Vedar
Vaughn Jayden Vedar Pred mesecem
16:35 when josh got wealth i saw his bucket list with number 666 Me: Coincidence i think not Lol
Serenity Ball
Serenity Ball Pred mesecem
Day 1 of asking for more 1 block
Serenity Ball
Serenity Ball Pred mesecem
You need children for them to count
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Pred mesecem
Well atleast Crainer is getting better at spinning the wheel
Get me to 5k please
Get me to 5k please Pred mesecem
10 million subscribers amazing
Hisey Boy
Hisey Boy Pred mesecem
Crainer: Ayy I am going to be a video blogger Josh: WOW! That’s dumb Me: didn’t you use to be a blogger? Hmm
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