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31. mar. 2021

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Namia Nurul
Namia Nurul Pred dnevom
Do part two.
Alhassan Aljumaily
Alhassan Aljumaily Pred 2 dnevi
How do you give somebody else the game for free slogo cause you said if you have it then there's a friend code so somebody else gets it please tell me how to give it to your friend
Jonathan Slavens
Jonathan Slavens Pred 3 dnevi
He needs too play the next chapter with crainer or maybe jelly
Gecko Pred 4 dnevi
Pause at this time and you will see blue hair Slogo 0.38
Kyle-james Sugrue
Kyle-james Sugrue Pred 5 dnevi
Cool game
Intan Shafina Alias
Intan Shafina Alias Pred 5 dnevi
Love you
Intan Shafina Alias
Intan Shafina Alias Pred 5 dnevi
Intan Shafina Alias
Intan Shafina Alias Pred 5 dnevi
Josh become friend with crainer and hosh prank jelly not crainer ok tell crainer
Keegan Lester
Keegan Lester Pred 7 dnevi
Slogo you need to play a way out
Fabriano Freitas
Fabriano Freitas Pred 7 dnevi
I already now this game its soo cooooooooooooll
Izz Iman
Izz Iman Pred 7 dnevi
Was this game for phone
Ashwath 0711
Ashwath 0711 Pred 8 dnevi
Complete dis game
Shailesh Sharma
Shailesh Sharma Pred 8 dnevi
Ya they really dont like jelly i mean its a two player game but neither of them play with jelly when its 2 players only
Spartonhawk Pred 8 dnevi
Play more it takes two
Simba Hunter
Simba Hunter Pred 9 dnevi
The game is going to be great everyone should check it out.
Myles Dawson
Myles Dawson Pred 10 dnevi
I downloaded the game and I already completed it.
Edward Louis Fredeluces
No eye ball go brrrrr I like my own comment cause Noone does
Adonis Gashi
Adonis Gashi Pred 10 dnevi
You are can a get some abilities
xNAMANxBRO Pred 10 dnevi
Plz don't make video like this my brain is hurting right now
RoboGamer 7842
RoboGamer 7842 Pred 11 dnevi
Part 2 now
KYLE LI Pred 11 dnevi
Dis is cooler 🥳😎
Fluffy Cutness
Fluffy Cutness Pred 11 dnevi
Nicola Rae
Nicola Rae Pred 11 dnevi
Slogo make the diamond hoodie in kids size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prince Leandro
Prince Leandro Pred 11 dnevi
Prince Leandro
Prince Leandro Pred 11 dnevi
Good job
Prince Leandro
Prince Leandro Pred 12 dnevi
Ayayayayayyayayayayayayyaya ik ben bang
Reuben Silverman
Reuben Silverman Pred 12 dnevi
i played it takes two w/ my brother
matt j
matt j Pred 12 dnevi
do more
louis sangster
louis sangster Pred 12 dnevi
make part 2
Tracy Albert
Tracy Albert Pred 12 dnevi
Tracy Albert
Tracy Albert Pred 12 dnevi
Mathias Peña
Mathias Peña Pred 12 dnevi
Seán McAodhagain
Seán McAodhagain Pred 12 dnevi
This reminds me of the movie "9"
Logan palmer
Logan palmer Pred 12 dnevi
I wonder if he will make another episode of this because there’s more levels after the boss there funner than this part
Mars aka sullivan D
Mars aka sullivan D Pred 13 dnevi
I love this game
Maged Roshdy
Maged Roshdy Pred 13 dnevi
Crainer: I like the controls Also crainer: I’m still getting used to the controls
spirit Pred 13 dnevi
I tryed downloading it then i realized that it is 35 freaking gb
Tiger Alpha Lonnie
Tiger Alpha Lonnie Pred 13 dnevi
Can we agree that when Josh has blue hair he kind of looks like past DanTDM
TMJFAMILY MJS Pred 13 dnevi
Best friend
Nolan Brus
Nolan Brus Pred 13 dnevi
play more of this
Sylvie Manjikian
Sylvie Manjikian Pred 13 dnevi
Hay slogo whan are you going to put a rust video
Gaming with Jared
Gaming with Jared Pred 13 dnevi
Drainer said jump double dump get dumped dash
House Full with fishy’s
\ / -----
Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich Pred 14 dnevi
The obsequious gazelle rarely regret because shoemaker analogically bruise sans a maddening milkshake. two, sweltering radio
earl lastrella
earl lastrella Pred 14 dnevi
90% friendship
TheRedFred Pred 14 dnevi
when slogo said "I am the one with the blue hair" he looked like DanTDM and they are both British I think so it's perfect
HuntMan J
HuntMan J Pred 14 dnevi
Booketh Pred 14 dnevi
can we take a moment to appreciate josh's blue hair 0:38
Đức Trịnh Anh
Đức Trịnh Anh Pred 14 dnevi
i think this game is not for kids
David Reid
David Reid Pred 14 dnevi
more plsssss
Anonymous Pred 14 dnevi
useless fact: im on my bed eating cearyel and when the vacume thingy apperead it somehow scared me and i almost flipped my bowl of cearyle
Nath Kaiser
Nath Kaiser Pred 14 dnevi
Dum if your addicted its addicting not addicted but it matters how you put it
Sleepless Pred 14 dnevi
make another it takes 2 vid
lucasthelad yt
lucasthelad yt Pred 14 dnevi
Could you imagine not buying from Slogo.con COULDNT BE ME
lucasthelad yt
lucasthelad yt Pred 14 dnevi
Lmao this was so good
Joe Nolan
Joe Nolan Pred 14 dnevi
This game brings them to Gever
Just For Fun
Just For Fun Pred 14 dnevi
Do a another it take’s two video
Aljune Redd Alim
Aljune Redd Alim Pred 14 dnevi
Let's appreciate the graphics
Hashem Meheisen
Hashem Meheisen Pred 14 dnevi
do a nother vido
Naruto Pred 14 dnevi
How ps4
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia Pred 14 dnevi
Make another video on this game
Ella Anderson
Ella Anderson Pred 14 dnevi
Me and my bro finished "It Takes Two" today
Samatha Kate Legaspi
Samatha Kate Legaspi Pred 14 dnevi
Can you guys play 2 player obby on roblox plzzzz
Brandon Chavous
Brandon Chavous Pred 14 dnevi
6:26 sounds like someone’s talking in the backround
SKULL TRASH Pred 14 dnevi
And when crainer said what you think this does and it killed him
Ghasty 0213
Ghasty 0213 Pred 14 dnevi
Slogo: we try to be best friends Me: that seems like an impossible goal
Hussein Farhat
Hussein Farhat Pred 14 dnevi
You are amazing
Bob James
Bob James Pred 14 dnevi
It’s my birthday
Jimmy Thomas
Jimmy Thomas Pred 15 dnevi
Pls play fortnite
Gustavo padilla
Gustavo padilla Pred 15 dnevi
Jelly was going to get revenge but when you put the sign up from jelly he’s gonna blow up green is house and took floppy and what’s the other fish I really don’t know but he’s coming after you next worn from JKJKJKfrom a to my bet your biggest fan and Julie’s go maybe do something to your house it will get revenge for the pleasure plate warn you it is a warning from you yet floppy from Kraner and say Dash help you out I know but it’s gonna blow up Joe’s house
Silas Ransi
Silas Ransi Pred 15 dnevi
13:07 when he rolled his r on scary
Champchannel Pred 15 dnevi
What’s the game name
minnie pina
minnie pina Pred 15 dnevi
He should do another episode of this game
Jackson TheDuck
Jackson TheDuck Pred 15 dnevi
It got dark real quick towards the end there😂🤣😅
Jelani James
Jelani James Pred 15 dnevi
Slogo and crainer : having fun Jelly: u don't give a dammmm Jelly lovers in among us : I don't give a dammmm
Jelani James
Jelani James Pred 15 dnevi
Kola Mbangula
Kola Mbangula Pred 15 dnevi
omg i like it slogoman yay
Francesca Brogna
Francesca Brogna Pred 15 dnevi
Idea for some merch: Make Jelly crawl out of a cave with a red castle in the background with the words Jelly sux on it Don’t have to it’s just an idea
-Ravage_IOS- Pred 15 dnevi
On 3:57 When the saw turned on, my neighbor actually used his saw!!!!!! lmfaoo
Eisa Shah
Eisa Shah Pred 15 dnevi
congatulation josh
Jason Franklin
Jason Franklin Pred 15 dnevi
Ea:I will take your money Slogo: nooooo
Manjo Banjo
Manjo Banjo Pred 15 dnevi
Not the eyeballs
Tebogo Tefu
Tebogo Tefu Pred 15 dnevi
Part 2 please
Los Santos vines
Los Santos vines Pred 15 dnevi
Slogo: jump double jump dash. Crainer: jump double dump dash XD 3:30
googelaa Pred 15 dnevi
Fire 🔥 josh
Skilltech Digital Services
play more of this pls josh pls
Space Destroyer
Space Destroyer Pred 15 dnevi
Jelly rn “Hey why wasn’t I invited (calls josh and crainer) “guys what about me am I your friend right😢. Crainer: yes we’re friends. Josh: I didn’t invite u because I had enough struggling with this guy(crainer).
Lerick Sequeita
Lerick Sequeita Pred 15 dnevi
Play battlefront two
Ano Ni Moose
Ano Ni Moose Pred 15 dnevi
Jelly is not happy! Hahahah
Sinah Sithole
Sinah Sithole Pred 15 dnevi
Buy me a ps4
Archie Pedroso
Archie Pedroso Pred 15 dnevi
Imagine slogo and crainer play little nightmare
Choco Sloth
Choco Sloth Pred 15 dnevi
It's not in Nintendo lier
Jayden Dada
Jayden Dada Pred 15 dnevi
I hope you continue This
Amanda Martinez
Amanda Martinez Pred 15 dnevi
Solgo can you please sing savage love please
Tech Pred 15 dnevi
Part 2 please
Nahla Elsheikh
Nahla Elsheikh Pred 15 dnevi
J Re
J Re Pred 15 dnevi
Jelly has diamonds buried under his island under Bobby's little cage dig under their and you'll find diamonds and a lot of other stuff
LGEE LGEE Pred 15 dnevi
Happy 10,000,000 subscribers Josh!!!
T47 Pred 15 dnevi
nice vid slogo a nice it
WinterWolf Pred 15 dnevi
Erecords Gaming
Erecords Gaming Pred 15 dnevi
Day 49 of asking slogo to play more rocket league:play more rocket league please And CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 10 mill with that 💎 Play button and merch
Χριστόδουλος Καμενίδης
please make it a series
Being Shy is a Superpower..