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24. nov. 2020

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abas game contact
abas game contact Pred 7 urami
4:25 # no come on 😂😂
Chevy Branconnier-Hodgson
Aminah Shahadan
Aminah Shahadan Pred dnevom
??????????? Pred dnevom
Hey sugarman yep pajama become a police officer under arrest jelly need to do something bad slogoman IRSJelly
??????????? Pred dnevom
And Joey is so short he forgot he can reach the cookies cuz she's too short he got to use a short card and still can't get the cookies how short is jelly sugar man how short is jelly slogoman short
Aayan Shimaan
Aayan Shimaan Pred dnevom
I havnt seen kwellapop in a while
Jameson Visitacion
Jameson Visitacion Pred dnevom
6:17 this is cheepurr
5B-20-Jaysingh Panwar
And This is my school name
5B-20-Jaysingh Panwar
Hey I am smallest SLtvr in the world my age : 9 years old
Dr.bigbrain Pred 2 dnevi
Crainer’s reaction video has more views than this video..,
Stanka Shelly OFFICIAL
here a litile roast jelly you need big chair for video
Stanka Shelly OFFICIAL
here a
Ranijhen Zoleta
Ranijhen Zoleta Pred 3 dnevi
Reiner Chan
Reiner Chan Pred 3 dnevi
Your subscribers are getting lower and lower slogo do you want to start making another 10M subscribers soon text jelly
Jaxton Pred 4 dnevi
Lixiang Young
Lixiang Young Pred 4 dnevi
Jheiver Castor
Jheiver Castor Pred 4 dnevi
I like how slogo says he is not jellys friend and look at the link in bio says my friends hahahahhah
Medium_RRage  Gaming
Medium_RRage Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
Medium_RRage  Gaming
Medium_RRage Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
I think slogo is better but jelly joined first
Shinyl Gameplay
Shinyl Gameplay Pred 5 dnevi
Why jordi's channel profile picture is MrBeast Profile Picture
Naruto Uchiha
Naruto Uchiha Pred 5 dnevi
Josh I have a roast for jelly Jelly your so small when you play hide and seek you always win
Michael Plays
Michael Plays Pred 6 dnevi
His legs on his drivers licence he would be tall u should say see nothing 9:44
Cuddaz Pred 7 dnevi
Josh be like he still haven’t made a different “idera” sents you were at 10 million
Rayyan Altaf
Rayyan Altaf Pred 7 dnevi
Funny funny
Ketav Chetty
Ketav Chetty Pred 7 dnevi
This needs more views then jelly vid
BLUE PHEONIX Pred 7 dnevi
This is supposed to be him reacting instead he roasts everyone
Dalia Ahmed
Dalia Ahmed Pred 8 dnevi
Dalia Ahmed
Dalia Ahmed Pred 8 dnevi
I Might Know Why Slogo Skipped Dino's because he had bae roasts
Moses Pred 8 dnevi
Moses Pred 8 dnevi
Moses Pred 8 dnevi
Nice roast jelly again
Lucy Tynan
Lucy Tynan Pred 8 dnevi
I screenshot
Lucy Tynan
Lucy Tynan Pred 8 dnevi
Slogos is better
Lucy Tynan
Lucy Tynan Pred 8 dnevi
I saw his full face
simon nyaga
simon nyaga Pred 9 dnevi
Preston !!!
Leo Howard
Leo Howard Pred 9 dnevi
So blooming short so grow more than your other friends bumbo
binita shrestha
binita shrestha Pred 9 dnevi
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk. You
Leo Howard
Leo Howard Pred 9 dnevi
Yes it does kwebble
Pink sunflowr
Pink sunflowr Pred 11 dnevi
Was jelly born on the highway cause that’s where most accidents happen >:)
Kim Jong Un Juv
Kim Jong Un Juv Pred 8 dnevi
That’s a used dead roast
John Plays PH123
John Plays PH123 Pred 11 dnevi
He has more roast in his vids
Meriam Davies
Meriam Davies Pred 12 dnevi
No but sanna is his frickin girlfreind
Meriam Davies
Meriam Davies Pred 12 dnevi
Wheres sanna,silly huh
Colt Warner
Colt Warner Pred 12 dnevi
I’m mad at you haha
shadow Gard bros
shadow Gard bros Pred 13 dnevi
Slogo2.0 Pred 13 dnevi
Rainer is terrible slogo is BETTER
William WiehagenJA
William WiehagenJA Pred 13 dnevi
Congrats on getting 10 million subscribers hope you get 20 million very soon
•Luxary• Pred 13 dnevi
i love to watch josh's video because its funny lmao
sharoncoatesreid rana
sharoncoatesreid rana Pred 13 dnevi
Sory mister best
Sg Ho
Sg Ho Pred 14 dnevi
Slogo I say crainer but green car And Sligo 😂
Sarita Mishra
Sarita Mishra Pred 13 dnevi
Who tf is sligo
Dimples Tuporo
Dimples Tuporo Pred 14 dnevi
Logan Mason
Logan Mason Pred 14 dnevi
Crainers hobbit and lotr roast was just comedy gold
Grace Echavez
Grace Echavez Pred 15 dnevi
And you
Joshua D'souza
Joshua D'souza Pred 15 dnevi
Who has more views now ha
Afkar Nisthar
Afkar Nisthar Pred 15 dnevi
I like jelly and crainer not you (slow)go
Yellow Gamer
Yellow Gamer Pred 15 dnevi
the funny thing is they all skiped dinos roast
Wayne Trevor Marasigan
Dino had a roast?!?! I did not know
Jermaine Stephens
Jermaine Stephens Pred 16 dnevi
Shreeram Sandesh
Shreeram Sandesh Pred 16 dnevi
This year he did not get more views than jelly's original video
Veronica Boccanfuso
Veronica Boccanfuso Pred 16 dnevi
Slogos is s0 funny
Tấn Lộc 2013 Nguyễnuyri
10m 20m 30m 40m 50m s
Joel Davison
Joel Davison Pred 17 dnevi
Does Crainer know that it’s 13million mot 14 know wonder crainer it the dumb one
RockySyl Sylwia
RockySyl Sylwia Pred 17 dnevi
slime not jelly XD
William Barrett
William Barrett Pred 17 dnevi
Jelly was not subed to
naser sejdija
naser sejdija Pred 18 dnevi
Josh we are not yor frends Alsow josh hes run aut of FRENDS
Marcelo Luna alonso
Marcelo Luna alonso Pred 18 dnevi
I love how they skip dinos roast 😅
Gaming Fruit
Gaming Fruit Pred 19 dnevi
Jelly is dutch and surprisingly short because the Netherlands is know for having the tallest people
NSE TV Pred 19 dnevi
Cargo gamer
Cargo gamer Pred 19 dnevi
The one that said something that Jelly's face cures the world that actually means that his face is laughable
NSE TV Pred 19 dnevi
Bruh slogo be dissing everyone's roast 🤣 CLASSIC SOOGO
Fernando Lui
Fernando Lui Pred 21 dnevom
That logo is Mr beast, Mr beast is Rich
IamNotDully BG
IamNotDully BG Pred 21 dnevom
6:30 I did take a sreen shot
Sibel Kibar
Sibel Kibar Pred 21 dnevom
I don’t ilke you but ı ilke jelly
Saden hazem
Saden hazem Pred 22 dnevi
I love whan crainer sed i cant beilev you got whait seresly look up
Spencer Taylor
Spencer Taylor Pred 22 dnevi
Preston is in it lol
Natasha Manova
Natasha Manova Pred 22 dnevi
This video is The Skeries bikos i,s wit Jelly aka Jelle bilo Jelly is Skeri
Natasha Manova
Natasha Manova Pred 22 dnevi
LOL SLOGO IS 7 feet tol butt Jelly is 8 feet tol
Azman Muda
Azman Muda Pred 22 dnevi
Noel Sandoval
Noel Sandoval Pred 22 dnevi
And you and you friend are so funny lol bruh you have 10M subscribe
Noel Sandoval
Noel Sandoval Pred 23 dnevi
Slogman you Jelly Roast me video and you do not get 1000000000000B views!!!
Sarita Mishra
Sarita Mishra Pred 13 dnevi
and who tf is slogman idot
Sarita Mishra
Sarita Mishra Pred 13 dnevi
because theres only 7.8b people on the world kid
Prakash Ram
Prakash Ram Pred 23 dnevi
You got more views? Check his 20 mil roast pls
Miss K
Miss K Pred 23 dnevi
Miss K
Miss K Pred 23 dnevi
@ jelly
Miss K
Miss K Pred 23 dnevi
@ Jelly
Miss K
Miss K Pred 23 dnevi
Miss K
Miss K Pred 23 dnevi
zo Alm
zo Alm Pred 23 dnevi
Huge fan jelly and slogo and kwepulcop
NRUDRA CEO Pred 24 dnevi
anyone after 10 million subs of josh
Kenzy Mostafa
Kenzy Mostafa Pred 24 dnevi
Idk why when u and jelly and crainer always do mean jokes but I will still support u and u will always be my favourite youtuber
Sssniperleopard Pred 25 dnevi
Kyaw Sett Naing
Kyaw Sett Naing Pred 25 dnevi
this is cheaper. lol
BRS gaming
BRS gaming Pred 25 dnevi
It's funny how everyone Skipped Dino
ADHAM-JURDI Pred 25 dnevi
preston is jelly brother in real life
Octunessi Pred 25 dnevi
crainer has more views for his reaction come on guys
Zildjian Reyna
Zildjian Reyna Pred 25 dnevi
5:38 I letteraly laugh so hard beacause kwebbelkops logo is Mr beast ahahahahahah😂😂😂
The BananaBotz
The BananaBotz Pred 26 dnevi
Slogo trying to say his rs🤣
The BananaBotz
The BananaBotz Pred 26 dnevi
rico cummings
rico cummings Pred 26 dnevi
can you do bott roblox
rico cummings
rico cummings Pred 26 dnevi
i love youre video
jr samsoon
jr samsoon Pred 26 dnevi
I screenshot it I'm gonna. Make it my Screen
Kristy Jensen
Kristy Jensen Pred 26 dnevi
My birthday was the 23 of November last year
Kristy Jensen
Kristy Jensen Pred 26 dnevi
This video was after my birthday last year
Ogledi 411 tis.