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⭐️ Defeating The RED DRAGON BOSS In Minecraft!
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6. apr. 2021

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abah u pelangi pelangi
Slogo is the best!
Black Astro
Black Astro Pred 11 urami
Little weird things: X Vex: X Fairy Demon: NICE
iam fritz
iam fritz Pred 11 urami
Lava dragon---ender Dragon
Koby Smith
Koby Smith Pred 11 urami
Chese Burber
Chese Burber Pred 11 urami
They’re the first people to kill the red dragon
The red dragon was not added bc ender dragon was added inseten
Zanda Harwood
Zanda Harwood Pred 17 urami
Does anyone else notice the free the end achievement, it is just a mod.
cool minecraft Slime
cool minecraft Slime Pred 17 urami
This is not a mod
mya muellner
mya muellner Pred 16 urami
fruggy Pred 21 uro
Day 3 of asking for Vlogs
Unholy God
Unholy God Pred dnevom
Hunger bar=fake
Jim Viewer
Jim Viewer Pred dnevom
Day 0 for telling Slogo to do something.
GAMER ZAYAN Pred dnevom
In an alpha version and on the conbact update lol
Dan S
Dan S Pred 2 dnevi
Plz do more fortnite vids
Florilyn Rocero
Florilyn Rocero Pred 2 dnevi
They said they defeated the red dragon but look at the top right corner it said free the end 6:50
adel elqadi
adel elqadi Pred 3 dnevi
The shortest video they have 8:00
fgteev joovel
fgteev joovel Pred 3 dnevi
You sed red dragon but its all gray axept the wings JOSH
Chirita Leonard
Chirita Leonard Pred 3 dnevi
josh the next super old boss be a hydra!
Francisco Berrios
Francisco Berrios Pred 3 dnevi
Omg that ow ow ow 😂😂😂
Amy Gregory
Amy Gregory Pred 3 dnevi
I think the red dragon is just a mod cus the mobs that it spont aren't in that version of the game
Shindo life Spawns
Shindo life Spawns Pred 4 dnevi
anyone notice at the end it look like the outro started but stopped with the color movement?
19JIME2 CookiesD best
Red dragon is the first Ender Dragon but Red?
Alexander Chong Channel
The red dragon os just a ender dragon with red skin and different tower-_-
Xabi’s Gaming channel
It is not a older version of mink raft it is a mod look how he swims
Ciara Fleming
Ciara Fleming Pred 5 dnevi
Day 3 of asking josh to play more ultimate chicken horse
Siri Alexa
Siri Alexa Pred 5 dnevi
please play more survival island
John Lyder
John Lyder Pred 5 dnevi
jOsH IF yoU cry I cRy
Claire Rowland
Claire Rowland Pred 5 dnevi
Legend says there is a culture in minecraft that still does the ancient breakdance...
Help me reach 10k With 0 videos
I wish all who sees this best of luck
Marcus Carlson
Marcus Carlson Pred 5 dnevi
What virson is that
rafael cen
rafael cen Pred 5 dnevi
red dragon used to be tamable and that is the purpose of his existence instead of being a boss battle red dragon is a good mob unlike its counterparts the enderdragon which is the evil one like crainer said, red dragon IS a pet sadly it was never added because maybe its too op?
Zavier Kinsey
Zavier Kinsey Pred 6 dnevi
Almost died one heart but never ate a steak?
Jhasper Ellis
Jhasper Ellis Pred 6 dnevi
It’s a mod and a texture pack that’s the new texture of wheat not the old one nice try tho
Keara Townsend
Keara Townsend Pred 6 dnevi
this is a mod in the version of red dragon they didnt have custom skins but still a good video thx slogo
Dominic Burney
Dominic Burney Pred 6 dnevi
I’m want hero brine
goojaroof Pred 6 dnevi
Mcoy Olazo
Mcoy Olazo Pred 6 dnevi
Old version but Slogo is swimming?¿‽
William Morris
William Morris Pred 6 dnevi
You're murch is poop
Commander Glow Squid
0:39 Me: The bar? yeah that's been there for 10 days, what about it Edit: They don't question that the RED Dragon is actually GRAY
Ashkan Saleh
Ashkan Saleh Pred 6 dnevi
Jelly: yeah; the red the red the red... 2000 years later... The red the red the red the red ... :P
ORANGE VIDS Pred 6 dnevi
At 1:000:000 the video ended
ORANGE VIDS Pred 6 dnevi
ORANGE VIDS Pred 6 dnevi
BestMommyever Williams
The Ender Dragon vs Red Dragon
PIG Pred 6 dnevi
next vid green or yellow something
Hurston Estep
Hurston Estep Pred 6 dnevi
Azulin cortes
Azulin cortes Pred 6 dnevi
It looks like jelly’s name is actually Mr. jelly 4:24
Crockett Warner
Crockett Warner Pred 6 dnevi
That’s a mod he has a texture pack on you can tell because how he swam at 2:33 and some of those mobs are from the latest version of minecraft
Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart Pred 6 dnevi
The red dragon is actually the nether dragon
SnowyDaFox Pred 6 dnevi
They faked it it said free the end advancement
Dragan Lescesin
Dragan Lescesin Pred 6 dnevi
Battel tne old sea monster dat is a mjutaded skwid
Andrew Bratcher
Andrew Bratcher Pred 6 dnevi
2:15 you can see him swimming like version 1.16 little do you know the blocks are just a texture pack and the red dragon is a mod
Abdessalam Ams
Abdessalam Ams Pred 7 dnevi
They are not fairys they are vex's
Augustine oduro
Augustine oduro Pred 7 dnevi
The Redragon had been removed in minecraft
GAMINGWITHDAV 109 Pred 7 dnevi
Ben Winther
Ben Winther Pred 7 dnevi
Every buddy wants ultanate chicken horse
Decmyster Pred 7 dnevi
Actually the red dragon was NEVER added into the game. Notch planned to add it, but it never did get added. There is no version of minecraft that has the red dragon
Big Dog
Big Dog Pred 7 dnevi
4:29 and thats a flipping illusionist!? they weren't added until 1.11
Big Dog
Big Dog Pred 7 dnevi
do some REAL videos josh please
Big Dog
Big Dog Pred 7 dnevi
4:08 and those are just Vex's
Big Dog
Big Dog Pred 7 dnevi
this isn't alpha minecraft AT ALL
Big Dog
Big Dog Pred 7 dnevi
so uh... josh, can i ask u something about those shadows and SPRINTING this is obvi a texture pack with a mod
Crazed Killer
Crazed Killer Pred 7 dnevi
Can we have one video of the illusioner being treated with respect
Crazed Killer
Crazed Killer Pred 7 dnevi
Aww poor Josh got his feelings hurt by a red dragon
Gillian Tanfield
Gillian Tanfield Pred 7 dnevi
How is this a old version of minecraft if evryones is sprinting but you cant do that in alpha minecraft
Austin Darley
Austin Darley Pred 7 dnevi
does anyone else realize that theyre just using a texture pack?
Julie Wood
Julie Wood Pred 7 dnevi
Aoahow aoahow
KracckTacz •
KracckTacz • Pred 7 dnevi
Guys I think this is a new version cause at the start when josh got knocked up and landed in the water he swam and also there is attack cool down so this is not alpha this is indeed past 1.13
PRABAKARAN K Pred 7 dnevi
That's The norml dragon he is using texture packs
Jonathan Slavens
Jonathan Slavens Pred 7 dnevi
You know with these modded challenges they never use netherite instead of diamond and iron
DV William Yt
DV William Yt Pred 7 dnevi
That not even a alpha minecraft you only used a mod
JD Freeman
JD Freeman Pred 7 dnevi
Just so crainer and kweblecop can meat him
JD Freeman
JD Freeman Pred 7 dnevi
Hay slogoman I really mise the old days with kweblecop. I think you should do one Last video with chainer jelly and Keeblecop plating gta5 games
kimmy da yo
kimmy da yo Pred 7 dnevi
Like a lot
EzraJD Pred 7 dnevi
5:42 Slogo say ouch ouch
Ethan Hegarty
Ethan Hegarty Pred 7 dnevi
Any1 else remember when the top of a furnace had stone texture
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Pred 8 dnevi
I think the red dragon is supposed to be ridable by players too
Khalil Reyes
Khalil Reyes Pred 8 dnevi
day 1 of asking for more ultimate chicken horse
The blind squirrel
The blind squirrel Pred 8 dnevi
It’s just a texture pack, they just installed a mod
Ray Chappelle
Ray Chappelle Pred 8 dnevi
I love you slogo
7116 KARTIKEYA.J Pred 8 dnevi
Not to be that guy but it's just a re designed ender dragon in the overworld
Wolfy Pred 8 dnevi
It’s actually just aa mod pack for 1.16, if you look at 2:15 you will see Slogo’s camera moving down as if he started swimming.
Sohan khan
Sohan khan Pred 8 dnevi
⇨➤Minecraft New Old Alpha Red Dragon!🏮🐉☜
Dylan Chipps
Dylan Chipps Pred 8 dnevi
josh play minecraft on jelly new suver
Daithi Brogan
Daithi Brogan Pred 8 dnevi
I love how josh shot most of the crystals while jelly and crainer were just shooting eachother
Liam Palmer
Liam Palmer Pred 8 dnevi
Lol just retextured everything
Liam Palmer
Liam Palmer Pred 8 dnevi
Does he realize that you can’t sprint in alpha
Kellie Maverley
Kellie Maverley Pred 8 dnevi
Jelly claim down lol (:
White doggy
White doggy Pred 8 dnevi
Alpha doesnt have a charging sword
Julie Pablo
Julie Pablo Pred 8 dnevi
The red dragon is like the ender dragon
SourLemon Pred 8 dnevi
The Red Breakdancer; why not just call it a Russian Dragon
Geovilyn Sacal
Geovilyn Sacal Pred 8 dnevi
It looks like a texture pack because there were no armor bars and food and the sword looks like todays sword if you see this comment josh pls be more careful of doing things like this im not a hater and there are no skins long time ago or if thats the one with herobrines first kot in in alpha minecraft and the red dragon thing well lookes like a textured ender dragon and there were no ender cristals
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald Pred 8 dnevi
I think it's just a texture pack and a mod they have skins and they were not in old versions of minecraft !
the gaming king
the gaming king Pred 8 dnevi
They just used an texture
Ling Tai
Ling Tai Pred 8 dnevi
I like your video
Louis Liang
Louis Liang Pred 8 dnevi
i think that the red dragon was replaced by the ender dragon
xenniee Pred 8 dnevi
Henry Hanz
Henry Hanz Pred 8 dnevi
look at this
Matthew Ginnings
Matthew Ginnings Pred 8 dnevi
You Know that there called vex and they were added in 1.14
Zac Williams
Zac Williams Pred 8 dnevi
Zac Williams
Zac Williams Pred 8 dnevi
ANTSAMERICA Pred 8 dnevi
Austin Burdette
Austin Burdette Pred 8 dnevi
I’m thinking this is just a add on because every time josh sprites in the water he began to swim from the aquatic update so I’m thinking it is a texture pack with the data pack thing.
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