I Paid A BUILDER To FIX COW TOWN! (Minecraft) 

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4. mar. 2021

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Offxcial Wxlfify_
Offxcial Wxlfify_ Pred 4 dnevi
Lava pit is so weird
Native Dog420
Native Dog420 Pred 5 dnevi
Comment section: 70% f**king snitches, 30% normal comments. 👇👇👇👇
Jan Lam
Jan Lam Pred 5 dnevi
Jan Lam
Jan Lam Pred 5 dnevi
a oh MMA he ga bo I bom a a
Jan Lam
Jan Lam Pred 5 dnevi
Jelly is Tyrrhenian to torr
Dominic Pred 6 dnevi
I'm a big fan
stuart stupots
stuart stupots Pred 7 dnevi
It’s jelly. Under. Grawnd. Bas
Dylan Milversted
Dylan Milversted Pred 7 dnevi
The builder trolled him
Sakaria Ali
Sakaria Ali Pred 8 dnevi
Skyla Webb games
Skyla Webb games Pred 9 dnevi
You never use you’re diamonds you just hide them
kareem browne
kareem browne Pred 10 dnevi
Slogo crainer put his diamonds in your house the hopper in the kitchen
Rachael Baum
Rachael Baum Pred 11 dnevi
The builder made the hole
Vissa RR
Vissa RR Pred 12 dnevi
Josh ur rich
Gwendolyn Gilmer
Gwendolyn Gilmer Pred 13 dnevi
You missed a diamond down there!!
Charlez Caduyac
Charlez Caduyac Pred 13 dnevi
jelly beated the ender dragon
Tanner Helm
Tanner Helm Pred 14 dnevi
Jelly put 2 diamonds in a chest for a new house then crainer took them and the builder then trolled him
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez Pred 14 dnevi
So jelly got a new house from the Builder in the middle killed him because he didn't pay enough I think in there was a pail of it and he made a video that's what happened it was for love and be covered with water yep that's why it's slogo
Jase Yruegas
Jase Yruegas Pred 14 dnevi
You forgot to Diamonds
Rex TheBest
Rex TheBest Pred 15 dnevi
e he builder jelly our new house but you didn't k diamonds
crainer also saw the larva pit thing
Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang Pred 17 dnevi
That lava pit is that someone trolled Jelly
Charlotte Lorton
Charlotte Lorton Pred 17 dnevi
Aww big heart like crainer more don’t you
Vijaya C P
Vijaya C P Pred 17 dnevi
pls do cow town
Gissel Flores
Gissel Flores Pred 17 dnevi
Evan Meilvano
Evan Meilvano Pred 17 dnevi
Slogoman i dont like your videos
Alex Street
Alex Street Pred 17 dnevi
it is a trap for you slogoman and crainer
Aamir Hussain
Aamir Hussain Pred 18 dnevi
This is a lava
Richard Marquez
Richard Marquez Pred 18 dnevi
The biltherbluid that but Crainer stol the diamond 💎 and chane iron and the billtherbsaidnex time diamond not iron ok oka
Geneve Collins
Geneve Collins Pred 19 dnevi
Slogo it was jelly you must troll him show bad😂😂
love sosa
love sosa Pred 19 dnevi
There was another diamond 💎
JOAN NDERU Pred 20 dnevi
the builder must be rich now
Alexis yuri Usman
Alexis yuri Usman Pred 20 dnevi
thats jelly,s haose
DENZEL BRYAN VEGA Pred 21 dnevom
slogo the cobblestone wall theirs a secret their
gkoonie Pred 21 dnevom
Josh you literally trolled jelly by making him blow up his house.
amittieal Yngson
amittieal Yngson Pred 21 dnevom
In outside
amittieal Yngson
amittieal Yngson Pred 21 dnevom
Crainer have secret chess in the trap door
Joshua Varelas
Joshua Varelas Pred 21 dnevom
ROMARIO EWAR Pred 21 dnevom
Jelly's killing people
Onslaught Gaming
Onslaught Gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Angel Mckenzie Torno
Angel Mckenzie Torno Pred 22 dnevi
Angel Mckenzie Torno
Angel Mckenzie Torno Pred 22 dnevi
Angel Mckenzie Torno
Angel Mckenzie Torno Pred 22 dnevi
Brian Indergeet
Brian Indergeet Pred 23 dnevi
A builder trolled jelly😢😭😭
Prince Christofff Florentino
Jelly move a new house
Mark Kevin Lopez
Mark Kevin Lopez Pred 24 dnevi
Slogo you know the cow was the right next to the stairs this is secret base dennis have a furnace but there diamond inside the furnace trapdoors
Pattra Wilaikaew
Pattra Wilaikaew Pred 25 dnevi
It’s probably Jellys Iron golem farm
Iwona Matynia
Iwona Matynia Pred 27 dnevi
I'm on JELLYS and Crainers team LOL 😜 loser
Rhys Biggins
Rhys Biggins Pred 27 dnevi
I’m in jelly slogo and Crainers team , I watch them all. And also be KIND
King Cade
King Cade Pred 28 dnevi
Prince jelly be because he didn’t pay to diamonds
Noah Sutherland
Noah Sutherland Pred 28 dnevi
Slogoman I rebuild your house in Minecraft as a memorial for it
Marshmellow Sniperlegend
Hi slogo jelly is trolling u
Phillip Murr
Phillip Murr Pred 29 dnevi
Criner see it
roham Pred 29 dnevi
roham Pred 29 dnevi
roham Pred 29 dnevi
Edel Rivas
Edel Rivas Pred 29 dnevi
Watching him SLtv channel
Edel Rivas
Edel Rivas Pred 29 dnevi
Jelly secret place
Yuv Raj
Yuv Raj Pred 29 dnevi
Jelly got trolled by a builder and his house fell in the lava that you saw
Ken McKnight
Ken McKnight Pred 29 dnevi
Yeah kill me messed up Kramer‘s house by turning it sideways is telling you what happened if you want to troll him oh well do you only if you want to troll jelly you know you can because I’m like Crain you’re more than anyone on that server so distraught jelly and we don’t even know where his houses it probably is in the mountain!
Dodge George
Dodge George Pred mesecem
Eliza B
Eliza B Pred mesecem
I I watched jelly's show so he so he blew up your house and stole your diamonds hid it in his secret base under his bed so that's why you're diamonds are
RonMuyna TV
RonMuyna TV Pred mesecem
I watch his video and he build I basement below your houses
HackerSV TheKids
HackerSV TheKids Pred mesecem
Crainer troll jelly and he the Builder if he build a mansion for Crainer he told the Builder is jelly but actually here rope dad is Crainer
Luka Rap
Luka Rap Pred mesecem
Bobby smith
Bobby smith Pred mesecem
I love your video
Lynn Choi
Lynn Choi Pred mesecem
On your sky block jelly had iron not gravel
francisca Lau
francisca Lau Pred mesecem
Maverick Debono
Maverick Debono Pred mesecem
He put his dimonds inthere
Shark Attack
Shark Attack Pred mesecem
jeelly took your two diamonds crainer took jelly’s two diamonds and you took crainers two diamonds
Shark Attack
Shark Attack Pred mesecem
It was crainer
CarterikoXR Pred mesecem
Crainer trolled jelly
Nugget Pred mesecem
josh crainer gave the builder two diamonds..and you put 2 diamonds in a furnaace. SoOoOoO?e
Marina Laundry
Marina Laundry Pred mesecem
I have an idea 💡 How about slogo gloves 🧤
Van Doi
Van Doi Pred mesecem
The builder dstroir jelly house
OSBORN MUPUTA Pred mesecem
The builder put lave unander his house
Ali Wael
Ali Wael Pred mesecem
The builder troll him
Noobster1234 Pred mesecem
The lava is form the bulder
RABBITS TIME Pred mesecem
Josh you base has blown up by crainer and jelly has move in a secret base
sayyada Moledina
sayyada Moledina Pred mesecem
Why did you throw jellys bed that's bad man
Blossom Weatherstone
Yea just build your own unlike Crainer he is horrible and jelly he is ok but josh u can build your own house right? Well can u ?😕😕😕
Janine Bosak
Janine Bosak Pred mesecem
josh crainer Has 11 dimands
Xanderr Pred mesecem
Jelly s base
Jipsa Prashobh
Jipsa Prashobh Pred mesecem
I like d
Luke Alley
Luke Alley Pred mesecem
Don’t look at the other comment I messed it up so jelly payed the builder 2 diamonds and Crainer took them and he trolled the builder and jelly and the builder thought jelly payed him nothing and then that happened
Luke Alley
Luke Alley Pred mesecem
So Jelly wanted to make the builder for a new home jelly payed him dimDiamonds diamonds
Phyllis Gatt
Phyllis Gatt Pred mesecem
Rick Aizen
Rick Aizen Pred mesecem
Jelly slogo trow your bed jelly
Eddy Dalts
Eddy Dalts Pred mesecem
I thought slogo house would blow up
Jacob Khnano
Jacob Khnano Pred mesecem
Jelly ake a builder to build a house and he put there diamonds for the Builder than crainer took it and put wool and wood
Crazyfishpizza Pred mesecem
Intellect Sriram
Intellect Sriram Pred mesecem
Sogo creanir thought to kill you
Aran Pillay
Aran Pillay Pred mesecem
Slogo felt diamonds
Gab Hofilena
Gab Hofilena Pred mesecem
A lab Drae
STWP Gaming
STWP Gaming Pred mesecem
Josh Crainer is hiding his diamonds in you house At the kitchen at the corner
Michael Lemon
Michael Lemon Pred mesecem
Michael Lemon
Michael Lemon Pred mesecem
Noah Perry
Noah Perry Pred mesecem
the bidu mad him a house and it's fllduon in to luvu
Chris Lovelock
Chris Lovelock Pred mesecem
Josh craner hid dimons in yor kichin lamp
Jennifervy Salas
Jennifervy Salas Pred mesecem
Slogoman crainer head his died men in side the light the right next to his house are you know you're i use your code slogoman
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